Class 4 article

Donald Fauntleroy Duck is a Mickey Mouse & Friends brick released in 2013. He was released as a minifigure in May 2016.


DUPLO brick

Donald is a white curved white DUPLO brick with a printed picture of his face on it.


Donald has a duck head with a sailor cap with a peg that keeps it attached. He wears a sailor suit and has a duck tail piece.


Donald has a short temper, but he is still a friendly duck. Donald is best friends with Mickey Mouse and Goofy, and is also friends with Minnie Mouse. Donald has a a mixed relationship with Chip & Dale; at times they appear to annoy him, but at other times they are friends. Donald is Daisy Duck’s boyfriend; they love each other but often set each other’s tempers off.

Donald is the legal guardian of his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, and even if they are somewhat competitive among themselves (like betting on their new year resolutions, or Donald trying to one-up the kids at sports), the four ducks have each others' backs if any of them is in serious trouble. This somewhat mirrors Donald’s relationship with his own uncle, Scrooge McDuck.



  • Unlike the five other characters re-made for Disney Castle, Donald keeps the same costume as his blind-bagged figure, possibly due to its iconic nature.