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The Double Axe Orc[1] is a Castle minifigure introduced in 2008. He is generically referred to as a Troll Warrior in the product description for 7041 Troll Battle Wheel, wherein he does not wield any axes.


The Double Axe Orc closely resembles his fellow generic Troll Warriors, with two main distinguishing features: his Helmet, Warrior is copper, drum lacquered instead of cool silver, diffuse, and he wears an additional black Mini Armour with printing and a skull emblem, reused from the Black Knight Skeleton. He has sand green skin, reddish brown torso and legs, and dark stone grey hip.


As one of the Troll Warriors, the Double Axe Orc battles the Crown Knights and Dwarves of the Western Kingdom of Ashlar. He rides atop the Troll Battle Wheel as it barrels towards the knights' catapult and barricade trap.

In LEGO Quest & Collect, the Double Axe Orc is an enemy debuting in Episode II-6 "Pretty Poisonous Mushrooms", although he appears in the thumbnails for previous stages which instead feature the similar enemy Armored Orc.


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