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Dougy Dungarees is one of the characters in the video game LEGO City Undercover.


Dougy Dungarees is a robber in LEGO City. One time, the police's super-advanced off-road command centre tracked where Dougy was, so the cops came after him. He managed to get to the robber's hideout, where he tried to lie low for a while with another robber. However, the police caught up to them and Dougy had to escape again. He managed to escape and met up with another robber named Verne. He had stolen some loot and was planning to hide it in a rock near the local police station. A bear appeared and cornered Dougy on top of the tree, this allowed the cops to notice them and come to arrest the two robbers. Verne tried to escape from the cops by foot, leaving Dougy on top of the tree to deal with the bear and the police.


  • Verne and Dougy Dungarees appear together in As Fast As You Can, where they are named Hank and Harry. While it is not explicitly confirmed which is which, Dougy may be Harry due to already being in the getaway car in the first illustration, which fits the dialogue between Hank and Harry.


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  • As Fast As You Can

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