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"Don’t worry – it’s all downhill from here!"
―Downhill Skier

The Downhill Skier is a Minifigures minifigure released in 2012.


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“Don’t worry – it’s all downhill from here!”

The Downhill Skier is the world’s biggest optimist. No matter what big or little things may go wrong, she’s always cheerfully certain that the worst is over and everything will get better soon. And thanks to her positive outlook on life, it generally does!

Life, to the Downhill Skier, is just like a snow-covered mountain. There may be twists and turns on the way down, or hidden obstacles lurking just beneath the powder, but as long as you keep your knees bent, your poles straight and both eyes on where you’re going, you’re sure to get there all right in the end. Oh yeah, and it’s a good idea to watch out for trees!



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