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Dr. Fox is a main character and protagonist in Unikitty!. Voiced by Kate Micucci, she is the Unikingdom‘s resident scientist. She works in a high-tech lab underneath Unikitty’s castle.




  • Spoooooky Game (first Halloween special + pilot)
  • Sparkle Matter Matters
  • No Day Like Snow Day (Christmas special)
  • Action Forest
  • Kaiju Kitty
  • Fire & Nice
  • A Rock Friend, Indeed
  • Kitchen Chaos
  • Crushing Defeat
  • Wishing Well
  • Hide N' Seek
  • Little Prince Puppycorn
  • Kitty Court
  • Birthday Blowout
  • License to Punch
  • Bugging Out
  • Chair
  • Beach Daze
  • Brawl Bot
  • LandLord Lord
  • Scary Tales (second Halloween special)
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