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Dr. Kilroy, also known as Dr. Charles Lightning, Professor Titus and Professor Articus, is a Minifigure from the Adventurers theme. He is a brilliant scientist with extensive knowledge of artifacts and archaeology, but he is a little absent-minded and eccentric. In LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge, it was revealed that Dr. Kilroy was a friend of the Infomaniac and is prone to desert heat exposure. In the game, he also speaks with a slight stutter and an English accent. In all of the sets that he was released in, Dr. Kilroy wore a LEGO pith helmet and the same face when Johnny Thunder and Pippin Reed received redesigned ones. He is a level six networker on My LEGO Network. Dr. Kilroy is Johnny Thunder's uncle and taught him everything he knows.


Professor Kilroy is a famous archaeologist and an expert on everything from ancient cultures to dinosaurs. Although he is getting along in years, Dr. Kilroy is willing to follow any adventure, no matter how dangerous or where it may lead. His intellect solves as many riddles as Johnny's bravery and physical strength. According to the Audio Drama "LEGO Orient Expedition", He works in the London Museum.


  • His original name was Dr. Lightning, because of LEGO naming the good Adventurers Minifigures after bad weather (i.e.: Johnny Thunder, Dr. Lightning, Gail Storm, Harry Cain). This later happened in the Pharaoh's Quest theme
  • He makes a cameo in LEGO Racers in the second and fifth circuits on the Amazon Adventure Alley level flying around in the Expedition Balloon, along with Johnny Thunder.
  • He is used frequently in LEGOLAND Windsor promotions, such as for the Minifigure Badges. There is a model of him outside the Dino Safari ride in Adventure Land.
  • He is also on My LEGO Network.
  • Dr. Kilroy looks to be inspired by Sean Connery's appearance. He especially may remind LEGO and film buffs of Sean Connery in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."
  • In 5784 Soccer Mania he is the goalie for the Adventurers Explorers team. This also makes his first and by far only time he is playable in a video game.

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