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"Who am I? I'm Dr. Rodney Rathbone, of course, leader of this mission."
―Dr. Rodney introducing himself

Doctor Rodney Rathbone is a minifigure introduced in the Monster Fighters theme in 2012. He is the central and main protagonist of the theme.


One of Dr. Rodney's legs is a regular Sand Green one, and the other is an exclusive robot peg leg piece and a new mold. They both attach into the same sand green hip part. His torso is light grey, and is printed with a white shirt, a dapper light grey vest, a dark red tie, and a gold pocket watch. His arms are white, and his hands are yellow. His face is yellow, and has printed sideburns, a mustache, and a goatee. He has a confident smirk expression. He wears a light grey bowler hat on his head.


Dr. Rodney Rathbone is the leader of the Monster Fighters and is the primary adversary of the Lord Vampyre, the main villain of the theme. An aristocrat, explorer, and the great, great, great grandfig of the first minifigure to ever walk into the Monster Realms.


  • He includes a unique robotic peg leg piece.
  • He fights with the Musketeer's fencing foil.
  • It is unknown as to how he lost his leg.
  • He appears in more sets than any other Monster Fighters.
  • He is named for Basil Rathbone, a real life actor who notably appeared in classic monster movies in the early 20th century.
  • He is based on famous Dutch vampire hunter, professor Abraham van Helsing.


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I am Dr. Rodney Rathbone, the final member of the Monster Fighters and and leader of the quest to save the world. I am an aristocrat, an adventurer, and the great, great, great grandfig of the first minifig to ever set foot into the Monster Realm. My entire life has been dedicated to ending the terrible terrors of the Monster Realm, battle after battle. When my gun couldn't defeat them, I trained and studied swordsmanship. And when my sword couldn't win the battle either, I armed myself with a robotic leg for enhanced creature combat. Now, with heavy metal mechanical strength and a carefully selected crew of the bravest minis to ever set foot into the Monster Realm, I finally have a fighting chance.

Name: Doctor Rodney Rathbone
Hometown: Jolly old London
Strengths: Surveyor of ancient maps and very important information
Hobbies: Saving the world from eternal darkness and writing a story about his adventure
Battle Scar: Steam-powered artificial leg

Monster Arch Enemy: Lord Vampyre


  • Lord Rathbone is named after real-life actor Basil Rathbone who portrayed several characters in classic monster movies, most notably the son of Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes.