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The Dragon Fortress Guards are Chang Wu's men in Orient Expedition. They were used to guard the Dragon Fortress, crewed the Emperor's Ship and were enemies of the Adventurers when they visited China.


Dragon Fortress Guards were Chinese ninja-like soldiers employed by the villain Chang Wu to guard his Dragon Fortress in China. When the Explorers Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, Jing Lee and Pippin Reed came to the Dragon Fortress, the Guards put up an offensive against them utilizing spears and catapults. The heroes also had several other run-ins with these foes. They pretty much had the same role as the Scorpion Palace Guards, who the heroes ran into while they were in India.


Dragon Fortress Guards wear a circular hat and a set of light armour. They also have a small dagger on their belts along with a pouch. Their armour and hat are also decorated with symbols. Some of the guards carry quivers on their backs for holding arrows.




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