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Dragon Kingdom
Dragon Knights Flag.png
Release years:

2010 - 2012

Main theme:


Colour scheme:

Yellow, Orange, with a green dragon

Concurrent faction(s):

Lion Kingdom

The Dragon Kingdom[1] is one of two main factions in the 2010 Castle subtheme Kingdoms.


Unlike the previous Castle theme where it is Crown Knights and Dwarves vs. Skeleton Warriors and Troll Warriors, once again two human factions are fighting against each other in Kingdoms: the heroic Lion Kingdom and the villainous Dragon Kingdom.

The Dragon Kingdom heavily relies on siege weapons and brute force. They are mainly offensive as opposed to the Lion Kingdom, which is heavily defensive. Their siege weapons are reminiscent of the ones used by Cedric the Bull and his army, as well as the earliest weapons in the Castle Theme.

Although the Dragon Kingdom has no known royalty, the Dragon Wizard is commonly assumed by fans to be their leader, and he fills the role of the King piece in the 853373 Kingdoms Chess Set with an unnamed woman acting as the Queen piece. Otherwise, the Dragon Kingdom consists entirely of Dragon Knights, who are categorized by their weapon of choice.


  • Dragon Wizard - An ill-tempered mage whose spells assist the Dragon Knights.
  • Queen - A knife-wielding woman, not known to have any role in storyline.

Dragon Knights

Shield Design/Coat of Arms

The shields of the Dragon Kingdom have a green dragon on an orange and yellow checkered background.


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