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Dragon Master Burnabus[1] is a Dragon Masters minifigure introduced in 1993.


Burnabus has a bright red torso decorated with the emblem of a dragon breathing fire from its nostrils. His right arm and left leg are bright blue, while his left arm and right leg are black. He wears a black helmet adorned with bright yellow, blue, or red dragon wings on the sides, as well as a dragon-shaped plume on top. Burnabus is the first minifigure to feature a cloth cape, colored yellow with a red outline and a fire-breathing green dragon. His face is decorated with red hair, including eyebrows and a mustache.


Dragon Master Burnabus is a dragon master who rides his own chariot. He works for Majisto and his dragon Ogwen at the Dark Dragon's Den and at Fire Breathing Fortress. Sir Lance provides Burnabus with reinforcements against a Wolfpack bandit.

In Timebuster, Burnabus and Merlin witness Max Timebuster arriving at the Fire Breathing Fortress in his time machine. Merlin hatches a plot and gives Burnabus the signal to drop Max through a trap door and into Ogwen's chamber.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Dragon Master Burnabus is a Builder tank with the abilities "Attack of the Dragon Master", "Fear the Dragon Master", "Duel the Dragon Master", and "Revenge of the Dragon Master".

In LEGO Legacy's Glyph Hunt campaign, Burnabus is a loyal knight of Crown King Brutus, but Brutus orders the Explorers to attack Burnabus on the suspicion of him being Willa the Witch in disguise. Burnabus and Princess Verda realize that "Brutus" is actually Willa herself, and Burnabus demands that she return the rightful king to the throne.


  • Dragon Master Burnabus's character trivia in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed erroneously refers to 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress as his only appearance. However, it is the only appearance of the specific minifigure variant seen in LEGO Legacy, featuring a cape and yellow helmet decorations.
  • Burnabus's name is a portmanteau of "burn" and the given name "Barnabus".


Gallery of Variants

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LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

An intimidating tank who taunts and counters enemies with enthusiasm. Ever the man of action, Burnabus believes that planning is for the cowardly, and basic preparation is for the weak!

Burnabus's ideal battle includes glorious combat, the resounding defeat of his enemies, and one of those perfect, gentle cross-breezes that makes his cape flutter all cool. A regal commander, Burnabus is constantly reinforcing the virtues of the Dragon Master: bravery, chivalry, and the daily shampooing of one's helmet plumes, or as he calls it, "shampluming."

Year of the Dragon
Debuted in 1993.

Spicy Set
Appears only in the "Fire Breathing Fortress" set.

Of the Cloth
Was among the first minifigures to wear cloth accessories.