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Dragon Masters, or Dragon Knights outside North America,[1] was a Castle subtheme introduced in 1993 and phased out in 1995.


In contrast to previous factions of Castle, which were more or less accurate renditions of medieval life, Dragon Masters ventured into the realm of fantasy by introducing classical fantasy elements such as dragons and wizards. The Dragon Master army was led by the wizard Majisto, noteworthy for his pointed hat, his glow-in-the-dark magic wand, and his long white beard, all new elements that year, and for being the first Castle minifigure to have a proper name - in fact, Majisto was one of the first minifigure to be a character. Majisto commanded a small regiment of knights and guards, whose shields bore a recolored (green) variant of the Black Knights' shields, as well as dragons. In the UK the dragon was given the name of Ogwen.[2]

The Dragon Masters competed with the Wolfpack and Black Knights, both of whom feared the great power of Majisto, as shown in the 1993 and 1994 catalogue dioramas, while the Wolfpack were often guests in Dragon Masters sets. They are also shown to be fighting the Royal Knights in certain 1995 catalogues and commercials/adverts, and the 1996 idea book (even though Dragon Masters sets had already been discontinued).

The theme's primary colours are black, light grey, and bright red, with dark grey, brown and bright green detail pieces. The flag is yellow with a red border and blue and red dragon. The shields have a green and red dragon instead, and the torsos have a golden dragon head.

All of the Dragon Masters sets included in the catalog, excepting the Crossbow Cart, were released in 1993. The following year saw the release of two further sets, and in 1995 only one other small set was released. Dragon Masters minifigures made guest appearances in Royal Knights sets until the end of 1996.


Castles and Equipment[]


The Fire Breathing Fortress on the top of a peculiar mountain in a catalog from 1993.

Dragon Masters was one of the smaller Castle factions, although they possessed numerous vehicles. 6048 Majisto's Magical Workshop was the only residence in Lego Castle released during the 1990s.

Interestingly the total number of dragons included in the entirety of Dragon Masters sets was three; with 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress, 6076 Dark Dragon's Den, and 6056 Dragon Wagon each containing one dragon. These sets also featured less minifigures and horses than other similar-sized sets in Lego Castle, due to the inclusion of the dragon which was larger and presumably more expensive to produce.

New and Exclusive Pieces[]

Dragon Masters brought a whole array of new minifigures. The wizard Majisto necessitated new pieces including his pointed hat, beard, and glow-in-the-dark wand. There were three new variations of bearded faces (instead of the simple facial expression of two solid black dots for eyes and a smile painted in solid black), and for the torso there were three different dragon heads printed on them, all of this which never appeared outside of Lego Castle and were only in use during the 1990s.

New additions to the equipment included the large grey halberd and the dragon helmets with side plumes, both pieces which would reappear in later themes. There was also a new head armor piece for the horses.

This was also one of the first themes to introduce cloth pieces as flags and capes. In this case both were yellow and printed with a green dragon and not reused in other themes.

Dragon Masters also marked the first appearance of the later ubiquitous flame piece 6126, which has been reused a countless number of times ever since.

The dragon creatures that the Dragon Masters introduced to Lego Castle have points of articulation at the jaw, both shoulders, both wings, and the tail, with studs on their back to allow for the carrying of riders. For the Dragon Masters, their captured/tamed dragons were green with red wings. Although the Dragon Masters were discontinued after 1995, meaning no sets with dragons were available in catalogues for 1996, the green dragons with red wings would appear in some Fright Knights sets debuting in 1997.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1712 Crossbow Cart1712Crossbow Cart22Dragon Master$2.001993
1723-11723Castle/Pirate Combo Pack67Dragon Master Burnabus, Imperial Guard - Officer 1994
1732 Crossbow Cart1732Crossbow Cart22Dragon Master 1993
1736 Wizard's cart1736Wizard's Cart17Majisto 1993
1746 Wizard's Cart1746Wizard's Cart17Majisto$2.501993
1794-11794Dragon Master Chariot34Dragon Master Burnabus 1994
1906 Majisto's Tower1906Majisto's Tower190Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto$20.001994
No image1960Dragon Masters Adventure Pack196Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto$15.491993
2891 Wizard's Cart2891Wizard's Cart17Majisto 1998
6020 Box6020Magic Shop45Majisto$4.501993
6043 Dragon Defender6043Dragon Defender151Dragon Master, Sir Lance$12.001993
6048 Box6048Majisto's Magical Workshop183Sir Lance, Majisto$26.001993
6056 Dragon Wagon6056Dragon Wagon103Dragon Master, Sir Lance$20.001993
60766076Dark Dragon's Den218Dragon Master, Sir Lance, Majisto, Dragon Master Burnabus, Dragon$43.001993
Display136082Fire Breathing Fortress393Dragon Master (x2), Majisto, Dragon Master Burnabus, Dragon Archer, Wolfpack Renegade$64.001993

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