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Drome Racers is a subtheme of Racers. It started in 2002 and was discontinued in 2004. There was also a video game based on the subtheme of the same name released. description

146 km in diameter, with over 540 km of roads and seating for nearly 4 million spectators, the Drome is one of the largest man-made structures in the world and certainly the most amazing racing arena in human history. Designed entirely by Dromulus himself, the Drome took three years to build, along with 2 billion tons of steel, 6 billion tons of concrete, and enough sheet aluminum to cover a small country.


  • There were six teams: H.O.T., R.E.D., Nitro, Zero, Exo Force and Maverick.
  • R.E.D. stands for Racing Extreme Design and H.O.T. for High Octane Team.
  • There were three online games. One of them was a LEGO Club member-only racing game in which you raced other member's cars based on your car's power-ups and strength. You could race in the city, desert, jungle, and snow zones, each of which had different challenges testing your cars. You would start at Rank E and move your way up until you were Rank A, unlocking new cars and pieces to buy along the way. Each car could equip a chassis, engine, and wheel part, among which were bump missiles, suspension, grass cutters, all-purpose coating, and speed boosts.
  • The series had an elaborate storyline, with comics in every instruction booklet, plus two series of online comics & a 4-D movie at LEGOLAND parks.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
4297-1.jpg4297Lightning Streak19 2002
4298-1.jpg4298Blue Power19Drome Racers Minifigure 2002
No image4299Quiky Racer   
4308 Yellow Racer.jpg4308Yellow Racer28 2004
4309 Blue Racer.jpg4309Blue Racer30 2004
4310 Orange Racer.jpg4310Orange Racer24 2004
4582-1.jpg4582Red Bullet29Drome Racers Minifigure$3.992002
4583 Box.jpg4583Maverick Storm31Small Figure$3.992002
4584 Box.jpg4584Hot Scorcher53Racer rac013$9.992002
4585-1.jpg4585Nitro Pulverizer611$9.992002
Stunttrack.jpg4586Stunt Race Track168$19.992002
4587-1.jpg4587Duel Racers1902$39.992002
Offroadtrack.jpg4588Off Road Race Track366Drome Racers minifigure (2)$49.992002
4589-1.jpg4589RC Nitro Flash133 2002
Flashturbo.jpg4590Flash Turbo28Drome Racers Figure$3.992002
4591-1.jpg4591Star Burst281 Drome Racers Minifigure$3.992002
4592-1.jpg4592Red Monster251 small minifigure$3.992002
4593-1.jpg4593Zero Hurricane & Red Blizzard702 Small Minifigures$6.992002
4594 Box.jpg4594Maverick Sprinter & Hot Arrow66$6.992002
4595-1.jpg4595Zero Tornado & Hot Rock712 Drome Racer$9.992002
4596-1.jpg4596Storming Cobra891$9.992002
65062 Racers Turbo Pack.jpg65062Racers Turbo Pack861 Racer, 1 Small Minifigure$9.992002
8350-1.jpg8350Pro Stunt30$3.992003
8353box.jpg8353Slammer Rhino220$19.992003
8354box.jpg8354Exo Force Bike101$9.992003
8355box.jpg8355H.O.T. Blaster Bike88$9.992003
8356.jpg8356Jungle Monster1111 2003
8360-1.jpg8360Track Racer24$3.992003
8363 Baja Desert Racers.jpg8363Baja Desert Racers322 2003
8364.jpg8364Multi-Challenge Race Track638 2003
8366-2.jpg8366Supersonic RC423$129.992003
8370-1-2.jpg8370Nitro Stunt Bike92 2003
8371BoxArt.jpg8371Extreme Power Bike98$10.002003
8376.jpg8376Hot Flame RC Car257$79.992003
8378 Red Beast RC.jpg8378Red Beast RC71$39.992004
8380 Box.jpg8380Red Maniac83$9.992004
8381-1.jpg8381Exo Raider94$9.992004
8382-1.jpg8382Hot Buster67$9.992004
Nitro Intimidator.png8383Nitro Terminator70$9.992004
8384 Jungle Crasher.jpg8384Jungle Crasher76$9.992004
8385 Box.jpg8385Exo Stealth81$9.992004
Slam Raptor.png8469Slammer Raptor144$9.992002
8471-1.jpg8471Nitro Burner119$20.002002
8473.jpg8473Nitro Race Team510$49.992002

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