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This article is about the Video Game. For the theme, see Drome Racers (Theme).
Drome Racers
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LEGO Theme:

    Drome Racers


Attention to Detail
Möbius Entertainment (GBA)


Electronic Arts
LEGO Interactive

Date Released:

USA: November 20, 2002




Single player, two player




PC, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, and Xbox (Unreleased)


Drome Racers is a LEGO racing video game released in 2002 by Attention to Detail. It is a follow-up to LEGO Racers 2, which was also developed by ATD, and was internally named LEGO Racers 3.[1] A sequel, Drome Racers 2 (also internally known as LEGO Racers 4), was in early development at ATD, but canceled before it was ever a playable game.[1][2] Another Drome Racers game, LEGO Racers CC, was also canceled.

Set in the year 2015, Drome Racers is a combination of racing gameplay with the LEGO license, offering vehicles based upon the 2002 LEGO construction toys. Career mode puts the player in the role of Max Axel, who is tasked with winning the coveted Drome Championship. To do so, he must work his way through the ranks by completing a number of Multi-Challenge Races; a series of races in which the completion time in one round is carried over to the next. For example, if Max finished three seconds behind in the last race, the leader is awarded a three-second head start in the next. The overall winner is the first to cross the finish line in the final race of the series. Preceding each Multi-Challenge series is a qualifying drag race, where victory is determined by a good start and proper gear-shifting.

Max Axel is aided by other such Team Nitro members as Shicane who handles car upgrades, and Rocket, who gives advice. The winnings can be put toward building a new car or upgrading the existing one. The former allows players to select the wheels, chassis, and body type of the new vehicle, each of which is suited to specific conditions and environments. The latter offers five level upgrades in categories, such as engine, aerodynamics, turbo, armor, and tires. Weapons also play a vital role. The arcade mode presents players with Normal or Time Attack racing through a variety of courses, weather conditions, and routes. The Quick Race option allows for instant action by randomly selecting any pertinent variables, including cars and tracks, for either one or two players.

The Nintendo GameCube version was released the following year in 2003, and contains a new battle mode allowing up to four players, a new shield power-up, and other enhancements such as a revised menu UI. The Xbox version had the same enhancements as the GameCube version, and was completed, but left unreleased for reasons unknown even to its developers.[1] A build of the Xbox version from July 11, 2003 was eventually found on a devkit, and posted to the internet in March 2020.[3]


The following is a list of the playable cars in Drome Racers.


Off Road


  • Mosquito
  • Grinder
  • Burner
  • Tsunami Street
  • Burner Desert
  • The Behemoth


The Following is the list of Tracks in Drome Racers.


  • Foundry
  • Array
  • Rocky Canyon Speedway
  • Blue Valley
  • Nokong Raceway


  • Battery
  • Rock Worms
  • Monument Park
  • Red Creek Cavern

Drag Strips

  • Foundry Drag
  • Blue Valley Drag
  • Rocky Canyon Speedway Drag


  • Max Axel: Team Nitro's driver.
  • Shicane: Team Nitro's mechanic
  • Rocket: Retired Racer/Team Nitro Adviser.
  • Slot: Team Nitro's data analyst
  • Sever: Team Exo-Force's Driver
  • Tag: Team Zero's Driver
  • Ransack: Team Maverick's Driver
  • Katsu: Team R.E.D.'s Driver
  • Exceta: Team H.O.T.'s Driver
  • Dromulus: Commissioner of the Drome Racing League


  • Team Nitro
  • H.O.T.
  • R.E.D.
  • Maverick
  • Zero
  • Exo-Force

Release, Platforms and Price

Setnumber Platform Price Released
14559 PC US $19.95 2002
14560 PlayStation 2 US $39.95 2002
14642 Game Boy Advance Unknown 2003
14643 Nintendo Gamecube Unknown 2003
14644 Microsoft Xbox UK £29.95 (canceled) 2003 Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Get behind the wheel of a Drome Racer!

Drive your Racer to victory in the new Drome Racers game! Choose and customize your car, then get ready for multi-challenge racing in cities, mountains, canyons, and more. Pick up extra gadgets on the track to give you the edge you need to win. Challenge the best racers in the Drome and win!

Second description


You are Max Axel, pacing your pit area, tensions high as you await the first stage of the Drome Championship. Prove you're a match for the intensity of multi-challenge racing-each race a seamless set of stages, mixing tracks from realistically stunning City, Mountain and Canyon worlds."