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Drones' Menace
Drones' Menace

Alpha Team



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Drones' Menace is an online Alpha Team game from The code for this game (revealed in The First Encounter ) is "magma".


Level 1

The player controls the Blue Eagle and must drive it to checkpoint A-32.

Level 2

The player controls the Ice Blade and Tundra Tracker and must take them to checkpoint A-32.

Level 3

The player must control all three vehicles and infiltrate a base to rescue Radia.

Vehicles and Abilities

Vehicles might be stopped on the ground by mountains, or in the air by force fields. To navigate these, each vehicle has its own Alpha Mode. The Ice Blade: Ground Vehicle. Alpha Mode Ability: Transforms into flight mode.

The Tundra Tracker: Ground Vehicle. Alpha Mode Ability: Can Drill through ice. Also in this mode it cannot shoot drones but can injure them with its drill.

The Blue Eagle: Air vehicle. Alpha Mode Ability: Transforms into a ground stealth mode.

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