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The Dropship Pilot, also known as Gunner,[1] is a Mars Mission minifigure.


The Dropship Pilot wears the standard Mars Mission astronaut white and orange spacesuit, with a white helmet and gold visor. He reuses the face of Dash Justice from the Alpha Team Mission Deep Freeze subtheme.


Unlike the reckless Astro-Pilot, the Dropship Pilot's calm and level-headed personality makes him reliable for dropping off cargo or rescuing fellow astronauts in an emergency, so he is an ideal pilot for the MX-71 Recon Dropship.

In Space Adventures - Mars Alien Attack, the Dropship Pilot is erroneously called Gunner, which normally refers to another astronaut from Mars Mission. Gunner and Jaz are on scanning duty when a pocket of almost 100% pure crystals appears on the screen. They jump in the MX-81 and fly out to the dangerous Ares Canyon to get the Crystals. Gunner reassures Jaz when he is worried about an Alien ambush. They land and pick up the very pure crystals, but Gunner realizes that they cannot fit any vehicles in the canyon and decides that they will need more equipment. They fly off to tell commander at the Eagle Command Base, where Gunner explains that they will need to mine the crystals by hand, and the commander allows them to continue their mission. The next day at sunset, the two astronauts head to the canyon and mine all night. After an earthquake, they notice a few aliens in the sky, and they hide until the aliens leave. Gunner and Jaz head out and leave the canyon, but alien ships attack and cause the MX-81 to malfunction and fly into a dust storm. The aliens get lost in the dust and the two astronauts manage to park their ship at Eagle Command just as the engine dies. The commander congratulates Gunner and Jaz.



LEGO.com Description

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Cool, calm, and collected, the Dropship Pilot is level-headed and reliable where the Astro-Pilot is reckless and risk-taking. You can always count on him to drop off important cargo at the right time on the right spot, or haul you out of trouble in an emergency situation.


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