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The Druid is a microfigure introduced in the 2011 subtheme Heroica. It is a Healer with the special ability to heal all damage received from monsters. This special ability is mimicked by the staff weapon available in game from the store.


After a lifetime dwelling in the ancient forests, the Druid has learned the ways of nature and is an expert healer. He has the ability to heal himself and recover from any wound. The Druid knows this invasion of monsters is unnatural and believes it is his duty to set the world back into its proper balance.


  • The Druid's description in the hero quiz is: "13-14 points. You are very wise in the ways of the world and you always look out for your friends’ wellbeing. Your friends may find you slightly mysterious at times, so you may want to keep any floating in mid-air to a minimum when you’re in the company of others."



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