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Druig is a Marvel Super Heroes minifigure released in 2021 as part of the Eternals sub-series of sets. He possesses the ability to control the minds of humans.



Druig is one of the Eternals, a race of immortal beings fueled by cosmic energy. They were created by the Celestials, a group of cosmic beings who visited Earth in ancient times.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Druig is one of 10 Eternals created by Arishem the Judge, alongside fellow Eternals Ikaris, Sersi, Kingo, Sprite, Thena, Gilgamesh, Ajak, Phastos and Makkari, the last of whom he is romantically interested in. They arrived on Earth seven thousand years ago with one goal: to protect humans from the Deviants. After presumably killing all of the Deviants, Druig grew tired of not being able to interfere with human conflict, especially as his mind-control powers could end it in an instant. Fed up, he deserted the Eternals, taking a city of mind-controlled humans with him. After this, Ajak allowed the Eternals to go their separate ways, and they all split.

With his mind-controlled society, Druig established a compound to keep them safe from conflict. He watched over his compound for generations until he was met by his former teammates, asking for his help to stop the emergence of Tiamut, a Celestial about to hatch out of Earth, which would destroy it. He was reluctant to help, despite being informed of Ajak’s death, until Deviants attacked his compound, killing many of his people and fellow Eternal Gilgamesh. After this attack, he agreed to let his compound free of mind-control and off into the world, and joined the Eternals once again.

Once the Eternals reunited with Makkari inside the Domo, and he listened to Phastos’ plan to use their powers to make the Uni-Mind allowing Druig to stop the emergence of Tiamut by mind controlling Tiamut back to sleep. However, Ikaris opposed this plan, desperate to prevent the Eternals from stopping Tiamut’s emergence. It was Ikaris’ loyalty to Arishem’s plan when Druig realizes Ikaris killed Ajak. The Eternals attempt to take down Ikaris, but Sprite, loyal to Ikaris, escapes with him. Kingo, who refuses to fight, buds his fellow Eternals farewell, and leaves.

Together with Sersi, Phastos, and Makkari, the Eternals attempt to use the Uni-Mind to put Tiamut back to sleep, while Athena keeps Ikaris at bay. Unfortunately, Druig is attacked by Ikaris, and blasted into the ground, left for dead, stopping the Uni-Mind. He escapes this situation through unknown means and comes to Sersi’s rescue after she is stabbed by Sprite, hitting Sprite in the head with a rock to knock her out. He tells her he isn’t powerful enough to stop Tiamut, and with the other Eternals (except Thena, Sprite and Ikaris), he lends his power to Sersi so she can turn Tiamut into marble, stopping the emergence. Ikaris, upon realizing defeat, apologizes to the Eternals, and flies into the sun, killing himself.

After Ikaris’ death, Druig joins Thena and Makkari in the Domo to search for other Eternals on other planets, and inform them of why Arishem truly made them. During this journey, an fellow Eternal--Starfox--teleports onto their ship with his friend Pip the Troll, telling them that their friends are in danger.


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