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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
Duel of Destiny

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

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Star Wars

Duel of Destiny is the twelfth episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


While Sheev Palpatine and Jabba pester Naare and Graballa and Kordi and Zander search for Rowan, the youngest Freemaker has hidden on an unknown planet with R0-GR and is learning lightsaber fighting techniques from the Battle Droid's recorded memories of the Clone Wars. With no luck finding Rowan, his siblings return to The Wheel only to be ambushed by Naare and Graballa's forces, who intend to use them to draw Rowan out. Sensing their pain through the Force, Rowan leaves the last Kyber Saber Crystal behind and returns to the Wheel to face Naare. The two battle it out with lightsabers while Roger frees Kordi and Zander, who take on Graballa and his minions.

Naare begins to recognize Rowan's techniques, and learns to her frustration that he has hidden the last crystal on a planet he doesn't even know the name of. However, after Roger reveals that Rowan studied his memories to learn how to fight, Naare realizes she can use Roger to find the crystal. Burying Rowan under a pile of parts-having torn apart the StarScavenger and other ships-Naare cuts off Roger's head and takes it with her, betraying Graballa in the process. After the gangster leaves with his men, Rowan is revealed to be alive, and realizes that he was never meant to be a Jedi, but a Freemaker, as he uses his powers to begin putting the StarScavenger back together.

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