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Duke is a character in the Power Miners theme.


The first variation of Duke is the variation with coal. He has the normal Power Miners suit, except with no sleeves, and a drill symbol in the middle of the torso. His face has coal on it, with a large smile and determined eyes. This is the main variation.

The second variation has the identical body as that of the first variation. However, it has a very clean face, with no coal dust at all. On the left side of the face, there is a cut that spans about 1/3 of the face. This version also often comes without the goggles attached to the helmet.


Duke is a veteran miner, although he's never seen anything like the Rock Monsters before. So far he has appeared in most sets from the Power Miners line. In 2010, Duke is seen sporting the new silver, heat-resistant armor.


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  • One of the interesting things about the Duke minifigure is that there are three versions. On the bios from, Duke is seen in his third version but is also named as Duke with three other faces. It may be that they are different miners accidentally tagged as Duke.
  • If one looks closely at the symbol shown on their torso pieces, Duke (in all three versions) has a drill, while Brains has a beaker, Rex has a Bomb, and Doc has a star.
    • The first version of Duke features some coal dust with large eyebrows.
    • The second version features several scars and a large uni-brow.
    • In the third version, Duke has coal dust, but still features a uni-brow. This version is most often mentioned as Duke and appears more frequently than the other two.
  • Another interesting fact about Duke is that he appears twice in the set 8709 Underground Mining Station in his first and second version.
  • Duke's second version is currently the only Power Miner whose hair colour is confirmed as dark brown.
  • The Third Version is the only version that appeared in the 2010 Power Miners sets.


Duke (8958)
Duke (8960)
Duke V3 silver
Version 1Version 2Version 2 with hairVersion 3Heat Resistant Armour

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