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"Remember Kids, the easiest way is rarely the best way!"
―Duke Detain

Duke Detain is a City Police Minifigure released in 2019.


Duke Detain is known for his daring antics. He often performs stunts when catching criminals, which is why they're scared if they are arrested by duke. Cheif Wheeler often supports him and doesn't find his "reckless antics" to crazy. Thought Captain Bennet is annoyed by his stunning antics. (Sometimes).


TV Appearances


  • Although Duke Detain is seen with short sleeves in the show, But physically, He has a long sleeve police attire.
    • 60271 Main Square is the only set where Duke Detain has short sleeves. While the other sets he was included in, he has long sleeves.
  • His hairpiece is recycled from Finn from the Star Wars line.
  • His minifigure parts is included in the minifigure creator feature in LEGO Life.
    • But there is an error, on the minifigure creator, Duke's head is seen with glasses, but selected, his glasses are absent.
  • His name might be a reminiscent of Chase McCain's name. As both names have very similar pronouncations.


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