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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Dungeon Party!
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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Dungeon Party! is the one hundred and fifty-third episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the ninth episode of season thirteen.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Cole finally wakes up and gets scared by Adam, who hides behind Plundar after Cole screamed. At first, Cole is confused but spots Wu and Vania who greet him. Fungus then introduces the Upply, and Cole tells them they are needed because they're on a quest. However, the Upply freak-out and walk away from Cole. Cole then asks if they are adventurers and Korgran explains their story.

Some time ago, Korgran was facing a lizard monster. Although Korgran was getting slapped in the face by the monster's tail, he was able to punch its stomach and lift the monster in the air before slamming it down. He then tried to jump onto the monster, but he moved out of the way and pinned down Korgran. However, Korgran was able to grab the beast's tongue and tie it to his hands. Korgran's Axe congratulated him, but only gave him credit for achieving victory half of the time.

Meanwhile, Korgran's father was stacking and counting coins, but he was interrupted by Korgran who had just defeated the monster. Korgran's father critiqued Korgran for using the third person because although he sounded barbaric, he believed it showed a lack of education. Korgran ignored his father and showed the supposed monster, but it turned out to be Ross. Korgran's father took him outside and told his son to stop talking to his ax. Korgran told his father about wanting to complete a quest so badly since his friends did it years ago, but he had already failed three quests due to attacking his own allies. Korgran's father then read a quest from the Kingdom of Shintaro, and Korgran accepted it.

Despite a little setback, Korgran was able to make it to the Ivory City. In addition to Korgran, Plundar and Fungus had also accepted the quest, and presented themselves to King Vangelis. He read a scroll and asked for them to bring the Skull of Hazza D'ur.

The Lowly were able to make it through the traps easily using Korgran's Axe as well as Fungus' magic to freeze the spiders. However, one baby spider did not freeze and followed the group. While going through one of the traps, the spider triggered one causing the floor to shoot to the roof. Korgran pushed against the ceiling while Plundar changed one of the traps to return the floor to normal.

The group found the Skull of Hazza D'ur. Korgran tried to grab it, but the dark power attempted to possess Korgran, so he releases control of it. Korgran decided to use his ax and they headed out.

The Lowly showed Vangelis the skull and Korgran requested to destroy it, but Vangelis had other plans. He suggested keeping the skull to protect the Ivory City, but Fungus told Vangelis the skull was evil. Vangelis asked if they all thought it was evil, and they all agrede. Realizing they knew the truth, Vangelis pressed a button causing the Lowly to fall through a trapdoor.

After hearing their story, Cole promises they will get back at Vangelis and they will return. He also changes their name from the "Lowly" to the "Upply".

Spoilers end here.