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Durpin, variously ranked as Lieutenant-Commander, General, Ensign, Captain, and Sub-Ensign, was an officer of the Galactic Empire featured in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


Durpin is notable among Imperial officers in that he evidently recognizes the perils of high rank in the Empire, and seeks to avoid promotion by taking on the most uneventful assignments available. The first such assignment seen was as commander of the Imperial forces on Kashyyyk, where Trandoshans guarded Wookiee prisoners and thus made the Imperial personnel largely nonessential. Unfortunately, Durpin's peaceful command was disrupted by the arrival of Rowan Freemaker and his family, who came to Kashyyyk in search of wroshyr wood but ended up on a mission to rescue Chief Attibura's son Tantarra. Durpin and his immediate subordinate Plumestriker traveled down to the planet to investigate the matter, and ended up encountering the Freemakers only for them to escape. For this failure Durpin was contacted by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, only to learn that they blamed his reliance on the Trandoshans rather than him personally, and decided to promote him to General so that he would have greater resources, much to his chagrin.

Durpin managed to work his way into what he hoped would be another boring assignment: overseeing the Emperor Palpatine museum on Naboo, where he hoped he would avoid any action. Unfortunately the Freemakers came into his life yet again, and despite his efforts to dissuade Plumestriker from acting the eager officer became determined to capture them. However, Rowan thwarted their efforts by impersonating Palpatine, and the subsequent destruction of the museum in a battle between the Freemakers and their enemies-agent Naare and the forces of Graballa the Hutt-led to Durpin's much anticipated demotion to ensign. He and the now Sub-Ensign Plumestiker were then assigned to Hoth, only to cross paths with the Freemakers yet again; Durpin tried once again to dissuade Plumestriker from acting, but Plumestriker was now so low on the command chain that Durpin couldn't have him demoted any further. The two were then chased by an angry Wampa after inadvertently threatening it's child.

Some time later, Durpin-somehow having been appointed to the rank of captain-and Plumestriker were assigned to an Imperial Assault Carrier and encountered the Freemakers yet again, with the scavengers attempting to pass themselves off as victims of the Gamorrean Flu. Plumestriker was unconvinced, but Durpin quickly came to believe he had contracted the disease, and was thus entirely oblivious when the healthy Freemakers escaped with a part needed for a Rebel ship. This failure led to him being demoted to Sub-Ensign, with the now Ensign Plumestriker serving as his commanding officer.


  • Bob Roth, one of the creators of The Freemaker Adventures and LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars, noted that he wished he had been able to bring Durpin and Plumestriker into the latter series, but had a greater desire not to make it dependent on knowledge of the former.