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"Eddie Octane's the name, high speed racing's the game."
―Eddie Octane[1]

Eddie Octane[2][3][1] is a Town minifigure introduced in 1988.


In his original appearance,[2] Eddie Octane wears an entirely white racing outfit, with his torso printed with black zippers. His Mini Crash Helmet has a transparent light blue Mini Visor 2. His head has the classic smiling face print.

Eddie Octane's redesigned minifigure wears an entirely bright red Octan racing outfit, with a printed torso featuring the Octan logo, "TEAM 1", and "RACING". His Mini Crash Helmet is printed with white stars, and its Mini Visor 2 may be black or transparent light blue depending on the set. His head is printed with a smiling face and black sunglasses. In the Nautica subtheme, he also wears a bright yellow safety vest.

On the boxart of 6335 Indy Transport, Eddie Octane is shown wearing a bright red Mini U.S. Cap. An identical minifigure appears in 6337 Fast Track Finish as a separate character from Eddie himself.


Eddie Octane started racing as a baby, when he won the Diaper Crawl 500. Now, he is considered one of the best drivers. He can race any vehicle with at least one wheel and a working engine, including trikes, scooters, and go-karts.[1] He gets the best circuit lap times with the Slick Racer.[3]

Mean Eddie Octane was unrivaled in the All-Terrain Road Rally prior to meeting the LEGO Maniac. They crash their racecars shortly after beginning, so the Trauma Team arrives to recover them. After a pit stop at the Gas N' Wash Express, the race concludes with Eddie losing to the LEGO Maniac. However, Eddie would be back to compete again in the following year.[2]

In later years, Eddie Octane no longer has a mean disposition, instead having a friendship with the LEGO Maniac and referring to himself as one of the "good guys". At the First Annual LEGO Land And Sea Race O Rama, Eddie Octane races against Turbo Charger and Indy LeMans, but Thresher joins the competition and steals the wheels off Eddie's Slick Racer for the land portion of the race. The LEGO Maniac and Mandy the Mechanic arrive in the latter's Indy Transport and work together to upgrade Eddie's racecar with a supercharged over head cam and a V-12 engine with chrome exhaust, giving him the extra power needed to outrace Thresher.[4]

LEGO Description This is a description taken from Summer 1996 LEGO Shop at Home Catalogue. Do not modify it.

One of the best drivers around, Eddie started racing when he was a baby. After winning the Diaper Crawl 500, he raced trikes, scooters, go-karts, and midgets. If it's got at least one wheel and an engine, Eddie can race it.

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  • All of Eddie Octane's minifigure parts are available by default in the LEGO Racers character builder, allowing the player to recreate Eddie as a playable racer. Oddly, his torso texture's internal file name is TU_CHST (apparently referring to Turbo Charger), while EO_CHST is instead attributed to Indy LeMans's torso texture.[5]


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