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Eglor is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Eglor is the only non-white Legends of Chima Eagle tribe minifigure currently released. He has dark blue for the base colour of his legs, torso, and headgear, with black arms and flame yellow hands, and he wears a silver armour piece around his neck with a blue 1x1 round tile on a stud in the center. His toes are printed with golden talon markings, his knees with silver markings, and his belt and upper legs with silver and black. Eglor's helmet is dark blue, and has silver markings on the forehead and a short flame yellow beak on the front. Three blue 'prongs' protrude from the back of his helmet, and two white wings connect to his shoulder armour piece, like with the other Eagle tribe minifigures. Eglor wields a silver spear in the set 70013 Equila's Ultra Striker, and a spiked axe weapon in 70105 Nest Jump. He also has a golden chain weapon with two Chi orbs at each end in 70007 Eglor's Twin Bike.


Eglor is a part of the Eagle faction, along with Eris, Ewar, Ewald and Equila, which is allied with the Lion faction and Gorilla faction against the Raven, Wolf, and Crocodile factions. He drives a blue Speedor.

Eglor is the Eagles' head weapons specialist, and like most Eagles, he is very analytical. While this allows Eglor to make almost anything into a weapon, he does not have enough time to use it. Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


A master of ballistics and primitive rocketry, Eglor is the Eagle's "gadgetbird." If given enough time, Eglor can calculate the exact speed and trajectory needed to launch a pebble halfway across Chima so it completely incapacitates its target. In his feathery claws, the smallest twig can have the explosive impact of a missile. The only problem is: his aeronautical calculations take so long that the battle is usually over by the time he fires his stick-and-stone missiles. Most of the time his "deadly" assault lands on a completely empty battlefield, long since cleared of opponents. He doesn’t have a calculator either, so his equations are scrawled halfway across eagle mountain with chalk. The other Eagles must warily tiptoe around his scribbles lest they erase some of them and cause a miscalculation that makes his missiles radically misfire. That happens more often than the Eagles like to admit.


TV Series


  • Eglor is the only dark blue eagle.


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