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El Fuego, also known as Douglas Elton, Elton Douglas, or Diego Diaz, is a minifigure from the Hidden Side theme introduced in 2019. He is a stunt driver and high school staff member in the town of Newbury. El Fuego is friends with Jack, Parker, and J.B..

Some early Hidden Side promotional materials listed the minifigure as Diego Diaz[1], which is consistent with the minifigure's nametag. However, most current Lego promotional materials[2][3] use the Elton Douglas name, although they aren't all consistent[4] about whether Douglas is a first or last name. Description

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Douglas once dreamed of becoming a stuntman, a race driver, a wrestler, a pilot and many other things. After many failed attempts (and broken limbs) he ended up as the groundskeeper of Newbury Middle and High School. Now his mechanical skills and fearless approach to danger make him a valuable asset to the team and their efforts to rid Newbury of its hauntings.

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For most people, getting pulled into the Hidden Side isn’t exactly good news. But Douglas Elton isn’t like most people. He is the school groundskeeper by day, reckless stuntman by night – or he was, until he sacrificed himself to keep the vile Lady E. from entering Newbury. Now he’s come back as a ghost, inhabiting a plastic skeleton from the science classroom, and putting his awesome stunt skills to good use hunting ghosts with no bodily damage. Wohoo! When life turns you into a ghost… make ghost lemonade.


In the Hidden Side Episodes, Douglas works alongside Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, and J.B. to contend with the ghosts plaguing Newbury.

In "Skeleton in the Closet", Douglas and his friends attempt to prevent Lady E from escaping the Hidden Side. When their ghost-hunting equipment has no effect on the supremely powerful ghost, Douglas leaps into the air in order to cut her off from the light of the Blood Moon aiding in her escape. He succeeds, but ends up being drawn through into the Hidden Side with her, only to reappear in Newbury as a skeleton. Reunited with his friends, he warns them that Lady E is more determined than ever to escape.


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