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Electrolyzer is an Ultra Agents Minifigure and villain released during the summer of 2015.


Electrolyzer wears a new helmet, which is blue, with a Transparent Yellow visor and lightning bolts. His face is White and features big, pale eyes, with a wide zigzag grin. His torso is Bright Blue and features Bright Yellow belts crossed in his jumpsuit, connecting to a gray buckle with a danger symbol on it. His torso also features pockets and a black belt with electrodes on it. His legs are also Bright Blue and feature a similar pattern with his torso, including the yellow belts at the upper legs. His head can glow in the dark, to simulate glowing from electric energy.

His accessories include dual lightning bolts, both connected with black, wide cables to his black backpack with Transparent Yellow studs. He is also shown using them without the cables.


Electrolyzer was a former electrician that was corrupted by the power of AntiMatter.

The AntiMatter Missions

Mission 5: AntiMatter Strikes When AntiMatter was going to leave with the captured citizens, Solomon Blaze jumped onto AntiMatter's platform in order to free them. He threatened Solomon with taking him along with all of the prisoners, but Blaze knocked the AntiMatter Staff and all the captured citizens were freed, with the exception of Electrolyze rthem entered AntiMatter's portal.

On Mission 6: The Search Continues, Electrolyzer is send by AntiMater to intercept Curtis Bolt, who discovered the source of AntiMatter's portal. Although Electrolyzer defeated Bolt, the agent send a small drone to follow the villain.

Later in Mission 7: Deep Sea Hideout and Mission 8: The Root of all Evil during the final battle Electrolyzer along with the corrupted Professor Brainstein, fought against the warship of the Agents. At the end the villains were defeated and AntiMatter turned back again to normal Description Edit This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.


Back when he was a cable guy, he was known as “the man to fix your TV”. Now he is known as “the one who will power-drain your TV”. Actually, he will drain any electronic device, but the TV thing sounds better. Electrolyzer is a living lightning bolt. Anything he touches crackles with electricity and within a hundred yards, people’s hair stand up. The bad guy drains the city’s power wherever he goes, acting like some sort of electricity magnet. We must stop him before all lights go out!



Ultra Agents: The AntiMatter Missions

  • Mission 5: Antimatter Strikes
  • Mission 6: The Search Continues
  • Mission 7: Deep Sea Hideout
  • Mission 8: The Root of all Evil 


  • It is very possible that Electrolyzer was the man that traveled through AntiMatter's portal, along with the uber-villain himself and Solomon Blaze.
  • Before his release, he was first seen in the leaked Secret Intel D video, along with other super villains, during the end of December of 2014.
  • His appearance bears a resemblance to Electro from Marvel.
  • His name refers a device that carries out electrolysis.
  • The lightning flyer that he's riding is referenced to Green Goblin from Marvel.
  • Electrolyzer's helmet is completely trans-yellow; the blue is sprayed on over the actual color.
  • He is voiced by Dwight Caines in Ultra Agents: The AntiMatter Missions.