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The term Great Elemental Creatures or just Elemental Creatures refers in the first five sets (and a character in the last set) of the BIONICLE theme's first wave in 2016. In the story,they are six mythical creatures in every area of Okoto,that were born by the elements themeselves in the begining of time and have pure elemental energy flowing inside them,that helped the Toa find their Golden Masks of Unity, that gave the former the abillity to become one with them,sharing their power. Umarak also seeks to turn them in his side, using the Shadow Traps, and can force them to combine with him. A seventh Elemental Creature was later released as a special set with BIONICLE Magazine.

Names and corresponding Elements

Uxar (Jungle)

Ketar (Stone)

Akida (Water)

Ikir (Fire)

Terak (Earth)

Melum (Ice)

Agil (Light)


  • Their appearance is based on real-life animals: Uxar is based on a dragonfly, Ketar on a scorpion, Akida on a shark, Ikir on an eagle, Terak on a mole and Melum on a polar bear.
  • All of them have a gear function swinging their upper limbs up and down.
  • Akida is the only Creature that has a shooting function.
  • It is unknown till now if they are related to Toa somehow.
  • Akida's name is similar to a real-life Greek word ( ακίδα ,a-KI-tha),that means "splinter".However,because δ (thelta) is the couterpart of d in Greek alphabet,they are written exactly the same.
  • Their head is hollow inside and can be placed onto the new masks like helmets.
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