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The Elite Dragon Knight[1] is a Kingdoms minifigure introduced in 2010.


The Elite Dragon Knights are the fiercest warriors of the Dragon Kingdom. The have legs with armour printed on, a torso with armour and copper chains printed on and lastly an exclusive chest armour piece. They either wear a closed pot helmet or one composed of a racing helmet with a knights visor. On top of their helmets they always have a green pommel. Some ride horses, and these knights have a different helmet composed of a Knight visor and a racing helmet. The three appearances they make (without 853373 Kingdoms Chess Set) are in two variants of which one is exclusive to its set. The one from 7946 King's Castle and 852922 Dragon Battle Pack has two dragon heads, one on each half of the plate, looking at each other, while the one that came in 7187 Escape from Dragon's Prison has one dragon head in the center. This breast plate is exclusive to this set. In the 853373 Kingdoms Chess Set, he doesn't have a breastplate.

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Elite Dragon Knight
"Get out of my way!"

The biggest, toughest, meanest Dragon Knights are promoted to the ranks of the Dragon Kingdom's elite warriors. They receive the best armor, the best weapons, and the best battle training. Even their fellow Dragon Knights are afraid of these bullies!