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Major Baron Elrik Vonreg is a Star Wars Resistance minifigure introduced in 2019.


This minfigure includes a new dual molded piece with a red and black color scheme and a black blaster pistol.


Some time before the events of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Vonreg attacked a trio of New Republic X-Wings, one of which was piloted by Kazuda Xiono. Poe Dameron arrived to interfere with his attack, and he and Xiono succeeded in forcing Vonreg to retreat. Vonreg then returned to Starkiller Base and reported to Captain Phasma, his superior officer. Vonreg and Commander Pyre, an elite First Order Stormtrooper, had proposed to Phasma the idea of employing a crew of pirates against the fuel station Colossus as part of their bid to seize control of the station. In the process of this, Vonreg visited the Colossus to try and convince Captain Doza to accept First Order "protection" against pirate raids.

Vonreg later accompanied Phasma to Mining Station Theta Black, where he engaged Dameron and Xiono again as they attempted to escape. Vonreg subsequently would take action to rescue Torra Doza from the pirates, enabling the First Order's takeover of the station at the expense of their pirate "allies." He later engaged pursued the pair again after they discovered a system where the First Order had been tested Starkiller Base's capabilities. Ultimately, Vonreg would join in the attack on the Colossus as Xiono and his allies attempted to get the station-actually a ship-into hyperspace. While attempting to shoot down former Rebel Alliance pilot Jerek Yeager, Vonreg was himself killed by Xiono.