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Emily Jones is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015.


Emily is a smart, quirky and creative girl, who is always mourning the loss of her grandmother. She is shy in new situations, but quickly finds her place in a group. She is very fond of nature, faithful, a bit of a dreamer and just impossible not to like.

  • Power: Love
  • Strengths: Smart, practical and super creative.
  • Flaws: Gets a bit insecure and clumsy when she finds herself in a new group (especially when they are all elves..).
  • Skills: Quick thinker, creative, a unifying force, great problem solver, combines knowledge from her world with the elves’ world, good at solving riddles.
  • Favorite things: Music, adventure and nature.
  • Did you know: Her grandmother is one of the five magical elven sisters who swore to defend Elvendale and the portal.



  • She is one of two humans in this theme, the second being Sophie Jones.

Gallery of Variants

41075 Emily.jpg
Emily Jones 2017.jpg
Emily Jones 2018.jpg
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