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Endermen are Micro Mobs and minifigures from the Minecraft theme that were released in 2014 in the set 21107 The End.


The Endermens are tall and slender brick-built figures, with long arms and legs. They are black with purple eyes.


An Enderman is a humanoid neutral mob that spawns occasionally in the Overworld at light levels of 7 or less, and densely populates The End. Endermen will turn hostile when provoked. They are known for their spooky presentation, their unique abilities to pick up blocks and teleport, their vulnerability to water, and the odd noises they emit. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Endermen are mysterious beings. Possessing the ability to teleport, these mobs move around rearranging blocks according to a scheme known only to them.

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  • At first when Notch was still designing the Endermen, he thought they were not 'creepy' enough, coming with the idea that having a situation which the player would want to avoid could make the enderman significantly more scary. This gave Notch the idea to implement the staring feature, where aiming the crosshair at the enderman's face would cause a suspenseful moment in which breaking eye contact would trigger an attack, as well as the enderman having the ability to teleport so that when the player has stared at the enderman, he or she would have to face a consequence for that action. They are also the only NPC's that can pick blocks up and carry them.



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