Enfys Nest is a Star Wars minifigure introduced in 2018.


Enfys Nest was a human female resistance fighter who led the Cloud-Riders, a band of pirates and rebel group that fought against the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn. Nest's skills as a pirate earned her a reputation as an infamous marauder including in Crimson Dawn, who Nest and her Cloud-Riders actively fought against in retaliation for the atrocities Crimson Dawn had committed against them. Nest, who wore a battle helmet passed down to her from her mother, had run-ins with Crimson Dawn operative Tobias Beckett and his gang.

Nest and the Cloud-Riders sparred with Beckett and his crew, including Han Solo, as they competed for a score of valuable hyperspace fuel called coaxium. After both groups failed to steal a shipment on Vandor, Nest and her lieutenant, Weazel, tracked Beckett’s crew as they stole coaxium from Kessel. Nest and the Cloud-Riders found Beckett’s crew on Savareen, where she revealed the group’s true purpose as allies fighting against Crimson Dawn. Solo sided with Nest and they teamed up to steal the coaxium from Crimson Dawn, dealing the syndicate a critical blow in the process. Nest intended to use the coaxium to help give life to a rebellion, so she gave the coaxium to Saw Gerrera of the Partisans and his young ward, Jyn Erso.


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