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"Surrender…to whichever boss I’m taking orders from today!"
―Evil Knight

The Evil Knight is a Collectable Minifigure released in 2012 as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8831 Minifigures Series 7. He has a black helmet, red eyes, an angry expression, a black shield with a red boar on it, and black armour with silver printings.


The Evil Knight has black legs printed with silver armour and spikes, and a pure black torso. Over that he wears a chest-plate, printed, like his legs, with silver spikes and armour. The spikes form a grinning monstrous face, His arms and hands are also black. His face is yellow, and has a furious expression, as well as red eyes. Over it he wears a black helmet. He carries a long black sword, and a black shield printed with silver spikes, and the red head of a snarling boar.

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“Surrender…to whichever boss I’m taking orders from today!”

The Evil Knight loves nothing better than looting, pillaging and laying waste to peaceful kingdoms. He’s worked for all of the big baddies over the years, from Basil the Bat Lord to Cedric the Bull. He even once spent a memorable summer as one of Vladek’s mystical Shadow Knights, and was delighted that he got to keep his glowing red eyes afterwards.

Some bad guys take up villainy for money, and others for power or land, but the Evil Knight just likes being a wicked henchman. As long as he has a suit of spiky black armor, a sword and orders to cause trouble for a noble king or an innocent village, he’ll be happy to smash things up until somebody tells him to stop. In fact, he’s been part of so many evil armies that he sometimes forgets who he’s working for at the moment!



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