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Evil Mech is a Minifigures Series 11 minifigure released on September 1, 2013.


The Evil Mech has the Battle Mech's armor but in black and silver, as well as the same helmet piece. He has black legs, arms, head, and torso with lime green armor printing. He has a gun which is made up of a "megaphone" brick and a green transparent cone brick. He also has dark grey hands and hips. On his armor he has an inverse-triangle with a logo that has a reference to the Blacktron theme. He appears to be an evil version of the battle mech. [1]

At times, he was otherwise known as the "Blacktron Spy Robot."

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“Kzzt! Mission accomplished.”

Built with antimatter microcircuits etched in the heart of a black hole and programmed by the top cyber-slicer of the sinister Blacktron space raiders, the Evil Mech is a dangerous force for interplanetary crime and chaos.

A cutting-edge nano-coating lets this robotic menace slip through force fields and scanner nets undetected, allowing it to steal, spy, or sabotage as its mission commands. The good news is that the Evil Mech is one of a kind…but if its design is ever duplicated, it could lead the way to a fearsome future generation that would make the galaxies tremble.



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