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Ewar is a Legends of Chima minifigure released in 2013.


Ewar has a torso and belt with light blue skin, like the head-piece under the eagle 'helmet'; white arms and legs; and hands of flame yellow. On his 'toes', Ewar has markings like those of eagle talons. He has golden printing on her knees, and also on his belt. His 'helmet', white in base colour, has a flame yellow beak, eye holes, and three 'prongs' rise from the back. His eyes, are revealed through the eye holes, their red and white. Over his torso, Ewar wears a golden shoulder armour piece with a transparent light blue flat-stud piece in the middle. White eagle wings connect to the back. His torso is light blue and he has muscular printing on his stomach.


Ewar tries to protect CHI from Razar and his Chi Raider in set 70012. He also rides an Acro-Fighter in set 30250. He was also there to protect The Eagles' tribal villiage in the episode "Attack on Eagle Spire". Descriptions This is a description taken from Do not modify it.


Ewar is brave. Ewar is strong. Ewar is true. But Ewar doesn't change direction – no matter what. He can keep a battle plan in his head from start to finish, and will follow it precisely and to great effect. But throw just one little wrench into the plans, one little miscalculation, and Ewar is completely lost.


  • Ewar is nearly identical to Equila, only the headpiece is different where Equila has black goggles around his eyes while Ewar does not.
  • He is 10 pieces, counting the CHI (trans. blue round plate) in his chest harness.
  • His head is double-sided; one side has goggles while the other does not.



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