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Exo Force

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The Exo Force is a team in the Drome Racers theme. Its color is black, and its members are both extremely secretive and extremely skilled drivers. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Lead Driver: Sever

Chief Mechanic: Information classified at this time.

Cars: RC Race Buggy; Exo Force Bike; Zonic Strike; Slammer Rhino; Power Crusher;

You can recognize the EXO Force Team by their black racing outfits, black visors, and fully stocked trophy case. EXO Force has been the Drome champions every year for as long as anyone can remember, and no other team has stepped forward to challenge them - that is, until the Nitro Team started to win races recently. EXO Force does not race for fun, for adventure, or out of a need for speed - they race to win. Even more than that, they race to make other teams lose.

An EXO Force driver becomes one with his car, and together, they soar down the track like a stealth missile. When they win, there is no celebration - Sever takes the trophy in silence and adds it to the rest. When they lose... it's hard to say. It happens so rarely.

All information on the members of the EXO Force Team is classified.


Their name also shares the theme of the same name.

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