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Explore was created when DUPLO and LEGO Baby merged. It had seven sub-themes.



Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10052-110052Intelligent Locomotive62 DUPLO figures$55.002003
13841384Bird6 2002
1405-Racing Lion1405Racing Lion31 DUPLO Figure$4.002001
1406-Nursing the Baby1406Nursing the Baby61$4.502001
14081408Walking the Dog with Daddy5DUPLO Figure 2001
2734-b2734DUPLO Straight Track6$4.991993 / 2002
27352735DUPLO Curved Track6$4.99 / €9.991993, 2002
31253125Preschool Playtable18$19.992004
3271-b3271Bob's Workshop11Bob the Builder$6.002001
3272-13272Scoop on the Road21Scoop 2001
32733273Bob, Lofty and the Mice21Bob the Builder, Lofty$15.002001
32743274Bob and Muck Repair the Barn35Bob the Builder, Muck 2001
32753275Bob's Big Building Box51Bob the Builder$19.992001
3276 Muck and Scoop3276Muck and Scoop52Bob the Builder, Muck, Scoop, Wendy$29.992001
32783278Wallpaper Wendy9Wendy$4.992002
32793279Bob at Work11Bob$4.992002
32813281Naughty Spud9Spud 2002
3282 Clock Tower Bob3282Clock Tower Bob49Bob the Builder (minifigure)$19.992002
3283 Dizzy's Birdwatch3283Dizzy's Birdwatch44Wendy$29.992002
32843284Bob's Busy Day10Bob$4.992003
32853285Wendy in the Office10Wendy$4.992003
32863286Spud and Bird10Spud$4.992003
3289-b3289Muck and Roley in the Sunflower Factory37Wendy$29.992007
3292 Dizzy's Bridge Set3292Dizzy's Bridge Set20Bob the Builder 2005
3293-13293Benny's Dig Set191 2005
3294 Box3294Muck's Recycling Set33Bob the Builder$15.002005
3295 Roley's Road Set3295Roley's Road Set21Wendy$14.992005
3296 Box3296Travis and the Mobile Caravan243$20.002005
3297 Box3297Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard591$29.992005
3298 Box3298Lift and Load Sumsy12$9.992006
Wbbob23299Scrambler and Dizzy at Bob's Workshop50Bob$19.992006
3325-13325Intelli-Train Gift Set904$99.992002
3326-13326Intelli-Train Cargo141$24.992002
3327-13327Intelli-Train Station262$24.992002
3334-13334Intelli-Train Tunnel10$12.992002
3335-13335Intelli-Train Starter Set253$49.992002
3361 Music Twister3361Music Twister4$29.992002
3362 Music Tapper3362Music Tapper4$29.992002
3363 Music Roller3363Music Roller4$29.992002
3364 Music Composer3364Music Composer7$49.992002
3370 Music Extras3370Music Extras6$7.992002
3371 Music Extras3371Music Extras4$7.992002
35093509Brickbuster Super Truck40$19.992002
3511 Funny Crocodile3511Funny Crocodile16$9.992003
3512-Funny Giraffe3512Funny Giraffe21$9.992003
3513-Funny Lion3513Funny Lion23$9.992003
3514 Rhino and Lion3514Rhino and Lion30$14.992003
3515-13515African Adventures52$19.992003
3517 Blue Deer3517Blue Deer10$3.492003
35183518Yellow Duck11$3.492003
3519 Green Parrot3519Green Parrot10$3.492003
3586-Stunt Plane3586Stunt Plane101 2003
3587-Mini Dozer3587Mini Dozer161 2003
3588-Heavy Truck3588Heavy Truck191 2003
3589-Chopper3589Chopper231 2003
3590-Drill3590Drill251 2002
3594-13594Bob's Workshop14Bob the Builder$14.992009
3595 Box3595Scoop at Bobland Bay28$19.992009
3596 Box3596Muck Can Do It39$29.992009
Loftydizzy3597Lofty and Dizzy Hard At Work51$39.992009
3605-23605Birthday Party8DUPLO figure (x2) 2002
3606-Tow Service3606Tow Service51 2002
3607-Police Action3607Police Action81 2002
3608-Playground3608Playground231 2002
3609-Beach House3609Beach House91 2002
3610-Campsite3610Campsite91 2002
3611-Road Worker Truck3611Road Worker Truck141 2002
3612-Wildlife Animals3612Wildlife Animals352 2002
3613-Fire Rescue3613Fire Rescue222 2002
3615 Theatre Stories3615Theatre Stories505$29.992002
3616-13616On the Move Police Station143 DUPLO figures$20.002002
3617-13617On the Move Hospital163 DUPLO figures$20.002002
3618-Family Farm3618Family Farm563 2002
3619-Traffic City3619Traffic City827 2002
3620-Playhouse3620Playhouse864 2002
3621-Polar Animals3621Polar Animals312 2002
3650-13650Stack 'n' Learn First Rollabout61 Primo figure$5.002002
3651-13651Stack 'n' Learn Friends102 Primo figures$10.002002
3652-13652Lady Bird Collection17$15.002002
3655-Fire Action3655Fire Action132 2003
3656-Police Action3656Police Action364 DUPLO Figures 2003
3657-Fire Fighters3657Fire Fighters (Deluxe)383 2003
3696-Tow-Me Truck3696Tow-Me Truck61 2003
3697-Fearless Fire Fighter3697Fearless Fire Fighter61 2003
3698-Friendly Police Car3698Friendly Police Car51 2003
3699-Happy Constructor3699Happy Constructor91 2003
3700-Emergency Vehicles Set3700Emergency Vehicles Set173 2003
40394039LEGO Explore Exclusive90 2003
40804080Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4081-14081Small Bucket45 2002
4082-Small Bucket4082Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4083-Small Bucket4083Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4084-Bucket4084Brick Bucket Small45$4.992002
40854085Brick Bucket Large90$9.992002
4086-14086Large Bucket90 2002
40874087Basic Flexible Bucket, Large90 2002
40884088Clown Bucket90 2002
40894089Orange Bucket XL90 2002
41804180Basic Exclusive Set90 2002
43404340Jungle Jam10$49.992002
43414341Farmyard Fun9 2002
43424342Crazy Castle9 2002
43434343Pink Palace Magic9 2002
4343-1-10405786704343Storybuilder Pink Palace Magic9 2003
43444344Meet the Dinosaurs9$9.992002
43444344Storybuilder Meet the Dinosaurs9$9.992002
43454345Happy Home9$9.992002
52115211Explore Half Strata Box110 2003
52125212Explore Strata139 2003
52135213Big Bricks Box140 2003
52305230Yellow Tub100 2003
5350-Large Explore Bucket5350Large Explore Bucket90 2004
5351 DUPLO Bucket5351DUPLO Bucket94 2004
53595359Brick-o-dile26 2004
5420-15420Soft Frog Rattle1 2002
5421-15421Star Teether1 2002
5422-15422Caterpillar Teether1$5.002002
5423-15423Crib and Mirror Adventure2 2002
5424-15424Take Along Friend11 Primo figure 2002
5425-15425Soft Stacking Hen5 2002
5426-15426Shape and Colour Sorter9$10.002002
5427-15427Light and Sound Stacker10 2002
5428-15428Musical Apple1 2002
5429-15429Play Plane2Primo figure$4.992002
5430-15430Squirt Frog1$5.002002
5431-15431Roll 'n' Play1$4.992002
5432-15432Bendy Caterpillar3$8.002002
5433-15433Stacking Tower5$8.002002
5434-15434LEGO Baby Stack 'n Learn402$19.992002
5437 DUPLO Turkey5437DUPLO Turkey6$1.992003
5441-15441Smiling Rattle2 2003
5443-15443Curly Hanging Rattle2 2003
5446-15446Roll 'n' Tip1 2003
5449-15449Stack 'n' Learn Sorter13 2003
5450-15450Discovery Bird2 2003
5451-15451Musical Sea Mobile  2003
54945494Crocodile on Wheels4 2003
65175-Bob the Builder Co-Pack -265175Bob the Builder Co-Pack33 2003
73307330Dora's Treasure Island22Dora$9.992004
73317331Diego's Rescue Truck10Diego$19.992004
7332-17332Dora and Boots at Play Park29Boots, Dora$19.992004
73337333Dora and Diego's Animal Adventure41Dora, Diego$29.992004
74357435Tiny's Day and Night Lever131 2003
74367436Sporty's Jumping Gym101 2003
74377437Gardening with Stripy231 2003
74397439Stretchy's Junk Yard362 2003
74417441Tiny & Friends534 2003
7442-17442Tiny's Lift Cart41 2004
74437443Stretchy's Junk Cart41 2004
74447444Sporty's Gym Cart41 2004
74457445Stripy's Flower Cart41 2004
74467446Tiny31 2003
74497449Sporty31 2003
74507450Stretchy21 2003
Plushie7455Tiny Plush1 2003
74567456Messy Plush1 2003
74577457Scary Plush1 2003
74587458Stripy Plush1 2003
74597459Tiny Plush Mini1 2003
74607460Messy Plush Mini1 2003
74617461Scary Plush Mini1 2003
74627462Stripy Plush Mini1 2003
74957495Sporty's Skate Park121 2004
74967496Stretchy at Work111 2004
9075-1-10507157929075Music Builder13$70.002003
Bob builder9119Bob the Builder Set68 2001
9130-1-10434443959130Around-the-House Set1517$91.002002
9131-1-10434445249131Theatre Set10910$81.002002
9134-1-10434446329134Life on the Farm Set1444$97.002002
BobpostcardDUPLOBob the Builder Postcard1 2001
Pin053Pin,Bob The Builder1  
Pin53-Bob The BuilderPin53Bob The Builder1  

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