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Explore Imagination is a sub-theme of Explore and has a few different line-ups. It lasted through all of Explore (2002- 2004).


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1384.png1384Bird6 2002
3125.png3125Preschool Playtable18$19.992004
3361 Music Twister.png3361Music Twister4$29.992002
3362 Music Tapper.png3362Music Tapper4$29.992002
3363 Music Roller.png3363Music Roller4$29.992002
3364 Music Composer.png3364Music Composer7$49.992002
3370 Music Extras.png3370Music Extras6$7.992002
3371 Music Extras.png3371Music Extras4$7.992002
3509.png3509Brickbuster Super Truck40$19.992002
3511 Funny Crocodile.png3511Funny Crocodile16$9.992003
3512-Funny Giraffe.jpg3512Funny Giraffe21$9.992003
3513-Funny Lion.jpg3513Funny Lion23$9.992003
3514 Rhino and Lion.png3514Rhino and Lion30$14.992003
3515-1.jpg3515African Adventures52$19.992003
3517 Blue Deer.png3517Blue Deer10$3.492003
3518.png3518Yellow Duck11$3.492003
3519 Green Parrot.jpg3519Green Parrot10$3.492003
3615 Theatre Stories.png3615Theatre Stories505$29.992002
4039.png4039LEGO Explore Exclusive90 2003
4080.png4080Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4081-1.jpg4081Small Bucket45 2002
4082-Small Bucket.jpg4082Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4083-Small Bucket.jpg4083Brick Bucket Small45 2002
4084-Bucket.jpg4084Brick Bucket Small45$4.992002
4085.png4085Brick Bucket Large90$9.992002
4086-1.jpg4086Large Bucket90 2002
4087.png4087Basic Flexible Bucket, Large90 2002
4088.png4088Clown Bucket90 2002
4089.png4089Orange Bucket XL90 2002
4180.png4180Basic Exclusive Set90 2002
4340.png4340Jungle Jam10$49.992002
4341.png4341Farmyard Fun9 2002
4342.png4342Crazy Castle9 2002
4343.png4343Pink Palace Magic9 2002
4343-1-1040578670.jpg4343Storybuilder Pink Palace Magic9 2003
4344.png4344Meet the Dinosaurs9$9.992002
4344.png4344Storybuilder Meet the Dinosaurs9$9.992002
4345.png4345Happy Home9$9.992002
5211.png5211Explore Half Strata Box110 2003
5212.png5212Explore Strata139 2003
5213.png5213Big Bricks Box140 2003
5230.png5230Yellow Tub100 2003
5351 DUPLO Bucket.jpg5351DUPLO Bucket94 2004
5359.png5359Brick-o-dile26 2004
5437 DUPLO Turkey.jpg5437DUPLO Turkey6$1.992003
5494.png5494Crocodile on Wheels4 2003

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