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Explore Logic is a sub-theme of Explore. Beginning in 2002, the theme ended in 2003.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
10052-1.jpg10052Intelligent Locomotive62 DUPLO figures$55.002003
2734-b.jpg2734DUPLO Straight Track6$4.991993 / 2002
2735.jpg2735DUPLO Curved Track6$4.99 / €9.991993, 2002
3325-1.jpg3325Intelli-Train Gift Set904$99.992002
3326-1.jpg3326Intelli-Train Cargo141$24.992002
3327-1.jpg3327Intelli-Train Station262$24.992002
3334-1.jpg3334Intelli-Train Tunnel10$12.992002
3335-1.jpg3335Intelli-Train Starter Set253$49.992002
3586-Stunt Plane.jpg3586Stunt Plane101 2003
3587-Mini Dozer.jpg3587Mini Dozer161 2003
3588-Heavy Truck.jpg3588Heavy Truck191 2003
3589-Chopper.jpg3589Chopper231 2003
3590-Drill.jpg3590Drill251 2002
3612-Wildlife Animals.jpg3612Wildlife Animals352 2002
3613-Fire Rescue.jpg3613Fire Rescue222 2002
3618-Family Farm.jpg3618Family Farm563 2002
3621-Polar Animals.jpg3621Polar Animals312 2002

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