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Eyezorai is an Anacondrai warrior who appeared in the 2016 set 70595 Ultra Stealth Raider. He is the Anacondrai version of Eyezor.


Eyezorai's head mold is the same used for Clancee, Chop'rai, and Kapau'rai, but with unique printing. His right eye is silver and his left eye is light blue. He has printing on his chest similar to the other Anacondrai, but unlike the others he lacks a tail. His legs are printed with a red loincloth and knee-pads; he shares these with Chope and Kapau


70595 Ultra Stealth Raider


  • He is the only Anacondrai minifigure not to have a tail.
  • In the TV show, when Eyezor was first transformed, he kept his mohawk and had a tail. In Day of the Departed he still kept the mohawk (which the figure lacks due to the head not having a peg for hair) but had legs like the figure to be able to drive vehicles.
  • He appeared as a character in Ninjago Tournament called "Silvereye".