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Fabuland was a theme that was introduced in 1979 and discontinued in 1989, making it one of the longest-lived themes to date. The theme included many sets depicting the land of Fabuland and introduced Fabuland Figures. These characters had humanoid bodies with various animal heads, which were slightly larger than regular Minifigures, but not nearly as large as DUPLO and were designed to be used during transition from DUPLO to regular LEGO. Fabuland had a unique look and used regular LEGO bricks and specially designed elements for the theme. Young children could easily put together buildings and vehicles using the unique Fabuland elements such as walls, vehicle elements and roof pieces. The studs on the Fabuland bricks were normal size but contained many elements that were unique to Fabuland and different from the other themes. As time passed, various Fabuland elements have made a return to the LEGO universe in various themes, such as Harry Potter, Castle, Belville, LEGO Games, 4 Juniors, Star Wars, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Fabuland was the first LEGO theme to have named characters and written stories about them. The larger sets included an instruction book that depicted the various characters building the set and when the set was completed it contained an additional story about the set and other Fabuland characters that were not in the set. In addition, various storybooks were also sold separately. In 1986, a stop-motion puppet animation Fabuland TV series was also produced by Film Fair Productions in the UK titled "Edward and Friends", which aired in Canada on TVO and in the UK. There was a total of 19 episodes released on VHS. There was also a story book line that contained 7 books from the series using stills from the TV show. The episodes were only 5 minutes in length, but they all taught some type of moral story, usually about tolerance or helping others.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
121-Roadster.jpg121Roadster23Moe Mouse 1979
128-Taxi Station.jpg128Taxi Station35Blondi the Pig 1979
132-Cottage.jpg132Cottage115Cathy Cat, Morty Mouse 1979
134-Service Station.jpg134Service Station134Billy Goat, Fabuland Figure Monkey 8 1979
137 Hospital.jpg137Hospital109Dr. Dog, Charlie Cat, Lucy Lamb 1979
0140 Town Hall.jpg140Town Hall135Bulldog 1, Lionel Lion, Freddy Fox 1979
1516.jpg1516Theatre202 1987
1570-1.jpg1570Fabuland Polybag31 1986
Poodle.jpg2036210PFood - Cutlery Set, BSF Kinderbesteck mit Paula Pudel   
Klara Kuh.jpg2036211PFood - Cutlery Set, BSF Kinderbesteck mit Klara Kuh   
Rickyracoon.JPG324Ricky Raccoon on his Scooter2Ricky Raccoon 1979
325-Percy Pig's Wheelbarrow.jpg325Percy Pig's Wheelbarrow4Percy Pig 1979
328 Moe Mouse's Roadster.jpg328Moe Mouse's Roadster23Moe Mouse 1979
329-Bernard Bear and Pickup Truck.jpg329Bernard Bear and Pickup Truck27 1979
0338-2.jpg338Blondi the Pig and Taxi Station35Blondi the Pig 1979
0341-1.jpg341Cathy Cat's & Morty Mouse's Cottage115Cathy Cat, Morty Mouse 1979
344-Service Station.jpg344Service Station88Billy Goat , Fabuland Figure Monkey 8 1979
347-Doc David's Hospital.jpg347Doc David's Hospital101Dr. Dog, Lucy Lamb, Charlie Cat 1979
0140 Town Hall.jpg350Town Hall with Leonard Lion & Friends135Fabuland Figure Bulldog 1, Freddy Fox, Lionel Lion 1979
3600 Morty's New Job.jpg3600Morty's New Job $2.751983
3601-Elton Elephant.jpg3601Elton Elephant7Elton Elephant 1981
3602-Bianca Lamb and Stroller.jpg3602Bianca Lamb and Stroller5Bianca Lamb 1980
3603-1.jpg3603Boris Bulldog and Mailbox4Boris Bulldog 1981
3604-Marc Monkey and Wheelbarrow.jpg3604Marc Monkey and Wheelbarrow4Marc Monkey 1980
3605-1.jpg3605Ricky Raccoon and his Scooter3Ricky Raccoon 1980
3615-Percy Pig's Wheelbarrow.JPG3615Percy Pig's Wheelbarrow4Percy Pig 1981
3622-1.1121278832.thumb2.jpg3622Rowboat14Hannah Hippopotamus, Lionel Lion 1988
3623 Beauty Salon.jpg3623Beauty Salon25Catherine Cat, Paulette Poodle 1988
3624 Flower Car.jpg3624Flower Car25Bonnie Rabbit 1985
3625-1.jpg3625Aeroplane9Albert Albatross 1985
3626-Roger Raccoon's Sports Car.jpg3626Roger Raccoon's Sports Car16Roger Raccoon 1983
3627 Bonnie Rabbit's Flower Truck.jpg3627Bonnie Rabbit's Flower Truck18Bonnie Rabbit 1983
Pandachimp.jpg3628Perry Panda & Chester Chimp3Perry Panda, Chester Chimp 1981
3629-Barney Bear.jpg3629Barney Bear17Barney Bear 1981
3630 Albert Albatross and His Sports Airplane.jpg3630Albert Albatross and His Sports Aeroplane9Albert Albatross 1984
3631-Orchestra.jpg3631Orchestra32Pierre Pig , Gabriel Monkey 1985
3633-Motor Boat.jpg3633Motor Boat14Wilfred Walrus 1986
3634-Charlie Crow's Carry-All.jpg3634Charlie Crow's Carry-All18Joe Crow 1980
3635-Bonnie Bunny's Camper.jpg3635Bonnie Bunny's Camper26Bonnie Bunny 1981
3636-1.jpg3636Lucy Lamb's Bedroom22Lucy Lamb 1987
3637-Gertrude Goat's Painter's Truck.jpg3637Gertrude Goat's Painter's Truck15Gertrude Goat 1983
3638-Buster Bulldog's Fire Engine.jpg3638Buster Bulldog's Fire Engine18Buster Bulldog 1983
3639-Inspector Dogge and Kalle Crocodile.jpg3639Inspector Dogge and Kalle Crocodile11Constable Clarke , Kalle Crocodile 1984
3641-1.jpg3641Camper23Paulette Poodle 1985
3642-1.jpg3642Fire Engine18Buster Bulldog 1985
3643-1.jpg3643Police Van11Inspector Dogge , Kalle Crocodile$6.991985
3644-1.jpg3644Mayor's Car11Lionel Lion , Mike Monkey$6.551986
3645 School Room.jpg3645Classroom26Lionel Lion , Clive Crocodile , Bonnie Rabbit 1987
3646 Catherine Cat's Kitchen.jpg3646Catherine Cat's Kitchen53Catherine Cat, Wilfred Walrus 1988
3647 Lionel Lion's Classroom.jpg3647School Room44Lionel Lion,

Clive Crocodile,

Bonnie Bunny
3654-1.jpg3654Country Cottage33Lucy Lamb$9.991982
3659-Play Ground.jpg3659Playground162 1987
3660-1.jpg3660Fisherman's Cottage25Edward Elephant$11.001985
3662-Double-Decker Bus.jpg3662Double Decker Bus34Hannah Hippopotamus, Mike Monkey 1987
3663-1.jpg3663Merry-Go-Round232 1989
3664-1.jpg3664Police Station232 1984
3665-1.jpg3665Ice Cream Shoppe362 1980
3666-1.jpg3666Service Station302 Fabuland Figures 1982
3667-1.jpg3667Bakery Shoppe58Freddy Fox, Pat Pig 1982
3668-1.jpg3668Merry-Go-Round42Ricky Raccoon , Edward Elephant , Maximillian Mouse 1986
3669-1.jpg3669Fire & Police Station33Fabuland Figure Bulldog 6 , Fabuland Figure Raccoon 5 , Fabuland Figure Bulldog 1 1982
3670-1.jpg3670Service Station522$20.001984
3671-1.jpg3671Airport49Joe Crow , Morty Mouse , Maximillian Mouse 1984
3672-1.jpg3672Hotel Restaurant60Dr. Dog , Cathy Cat , Mike Monkey 1982
3673-1.jpg3673Paddle Steamer61Wilfred Walrus , Monkey Mate (2) 1985
3674-1.jpg3674Bonnie Bunny's New House44Bonnie Bunny, Edward Elephant 1987
3675-General Store.jpg3675General Store103Freddy Fox , Boris Bulldog , Hannah Hippopotamus 1987
3676-1.jpg3676Fun Park43Bonnie Bunny , Catherine Cat , Edward Elephant , Joe Crow 1989
3678-1.jpg3678The Fabuland House123Edward Elephant , Lucy Lamb , Harry Horse , Lionel Lion 1982
3679-1.jpg3679Mill with Shop73Fabuland figure (2)$26.751986
3680-1.jpg3680Camping Caravan273 Fabuland Figures 1988
3681-1.jpg3681Amusement Park994 Fabuland Figures 1985
3682-1.jpg3682Fire Station149Bertie Bulldog (2) , Barty Bulldog$39.751987
3683.png3683Amusement Park95Clive Crocodile , Freddy Fox , Lucy Lamb , Maximillian Mouse 1988
3701 Fisherman Cornelius Cat.jpg3701Fisherman Cornelius Cat3Cornelius Cat 1982
3703-Peter Pig the Cook.jpg3703Peter Pig the Cook3Peter Pig 1982
3704-Marjorie Mouse.jpg3704Marjorie Mouse3Marjorie Mouse 1982
3706-Elmer Elephant.jpg3706Elmer Elephant3Elmer Elephant 1982
3707-Clover Cow.jpg3707Clover Cow3Clover Cow 1982
3708-Rufus Rabbit.jpg3708Rufus Rabbit4Rufus Rabbit 1982
3709-Henry Horse.jpg3709Henry Horse3Henry Horse 1983
Pandabox.jpg3710Peter Panda Takes a Bath3Peter Panda 1983
3711-Pierre Pig and His Tuba.jpg3711Pierre Pig and His Tuba5Pierre Pig 1984
3712-Robby Rabbit and His Accordian.jpg3712Robby Rabbit and His Accordian5Robby Rabbit 1984
3713-Gabriel the Monkey and His Drum Set.jpg3713Gabriel the Monkey and His Drum Set8Gabriel Monkey 1984
3714- Brickyard with Oscar Orangutan.jpg3714Brickyard with Oscar Orangutan11Oscar Orangutan$2.251985
3715-Flower Stand.jpg3715Flower Stand15Hannah Hippopotamus 1985
3716-Small Office.jpg3716Small Office9Freddy Fox 1985
3717-Mouse Fishing at Dock.jpg3717Mouse Fishing at Dock10Morty Mouse 1985
3718-Small Cafe.jpg3718Small Café7Bonnie Bunny 1986
3719-Bus Stop.jpg3719Bus Stop5Maximillian Mouse 1987
3721-Clive Crocodile.jpg3721Clive Crocodile on Skateboard11Clive Crocodile 1988
3781-1.jpg3781Maximillian Mouse4Maximillian Mouse 1982
Setparrot.jpg3782Patrick Parrot4Patrick Parrot 1982
Hugohogset.jpg3784Hugo Hog5Hugo Hog 1982
3786-Buzzy Bulldog.jpg3786Buzzy Bulldog7Buzzy Bulldog 1982
3787-Hannah Hippopotamus.jpg3787Hannah Hippopotamus9Hannah Hippopotamus 1983
3788 Paulette Poodle In Her Living Room.jpg3788Paulette Poodle In Her Living Room13Paulette Poodle 1983
3789 Inspector Dogge with His Police Motorcycle.jpg3789Constable Clarke6Constable Clarke 1984
3791 William Walrus with 3-Wheeled Cart.jpg3791William Walrus with 3-Wheeled Cart7William Walrus 1984
3792-Bedroom.jpg3792Bedroom15Lucy Lamb$3.951985
3793-Buzzy Bulldog's Mailbox.jpg3793Buzzy Bulldog's Mailbox121 Buzzy Bulldog 1985
3794-Police Motorcycle.jpg3794Police Motorcycle15Inspector Dogge 1985
3795-Catherine Cat in her Kitchen.jpg3795Catherine Cat in her Kitchen29Cathy Cat 1985
3796-Small Bakery.jpg3796Small Bakery31Patricia Piglet 1986
3797-1.jpg3797Fire Chief9Barty Bulldog 1987
3798-1.jpg3798Hannah Hippopotamus on a Picnic24Hannah Hippopotamus 1988
4503057.jpg4503057Mobile Phone Accessory, Strap with Fabuland Parrot pendant   
4503058.jpg4503058Mobile Phone Accessory, Strap with Fabuland Elephant pendant   
5901-Max & Edward All At Sea.jpg5901Max & Edward All At Sea1 1986
801-Fabuland Characters.jpg801Fabuland Characters2Clara Cow, Robbie Rabbit 1986 Canada only from Samsonite Canada Stratford, Ontario Canada
Doctor Dog.jpgDr.Dog   
GA05-Fabuland Memory Card Game.jpgGA05Fabuland Memory Card Game  1984
Lamb.jpgPartyTable Decoration, Place Card Fabuland Lamb   
No imagePartyTable Decoration, Place Card Fabuland Rabbit   



  • When Fabuland was discontinued, the Fabuland area at LEGOLAND Billund was renamed with a DUPLO theme name.
  • Over the last decade, Fabuland has become increasingly popular among adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) for the theme's unique and unusual elements and characteristics.
  • Fabuland is shown to be a realm of the LEGO world in The LEGO Movie. Fabu-Fan is a LEGO Movie minifigure, and she is apparently a big fan of Fabuland.
  • A few minifigures can be seen in the The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part and its video game adaptation. Albeit using normal minifigures pieces for the latter.

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