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Fairy-Tales is a subtheme of Belville. It included 43 sets produced from 1999-2007.


The early Fairy-Tales sets followed a certain storyline, surrounding 5802 Princess Rosaline and her friends. She lived in 5808 The Enchanted Palace with her father, the 5812 King. She was purported to have a romantic relationship with 5811 Prince Justin, but there seemed to be a love triangle among those two and 5803 Iris, as shown in the instruction manual of 5807 The Royal Stable[1]. It is assumed that Princess Rosaline ends up marrying Prince Justin, as they are wearing wedding clothes in 5827 Royal Coach.

There were also several fairies of various colors, including the yellow-colored 5801 Millimy The Fairy. The fairies held magic wands of various colors, which had first been seen in the Castle series.

Opposing Princess Rosaline were a witch and an evil queen. The witch appeared to be trying to cook up a magic stew and use it against the princess. The queen had a mirror on the wall of her room which showed Princess Rosaline and Prince Justin together, supposing her to be jealous of the two. The queen came with two tiara pieces, one transparent red and the other transparent green. Those pieces have never been seen again since.

Fairy-Tales Sets

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