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Fairytale Princess is a minifigure that was released in 2014 as part of 71007 Minifigures Series 12. It originally was to be released in October, but it had been released in Hong Kong and the Untited States on the 23 of September.


The Fairytale Princess has a lavender cone hat with an auburn color braid that is connected to it. She wears a purple dress and holds a green frog. She also has a necklace with a purple gem and a swirly design on part of the dress. Her alternate face is her with her eyes closed getting ready to kiss the frog. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

"My research suggests that this frog may be just the one I’m looking for!"

The Fairytale Princess is pretty sure that she has this whole fairy tale business down pat. She avoids any bridges that have the signs (and smells) of trolls living underneath, she stays away from suspicious huts made of candy in the woods, and she definitely isn’t interested in finding a prince and living happily ever after right now.

All that said, she is rather enchanted with the idea of being able to turn into a frog. Frogs can stay underwater for a really long time, and they can jump amazing distances. Think of the fun that she would have if she could do that too! That’s why she’s on a quest to find a magical frog. She’ll kiss it and then study what happens…and with any luck, she’ll be hopping off on her own adventures in no time!


  • She is the first princess minifigure to be featured in the Minifigures Theme.
  • She is the only Minifigure of Series 12 to have a double-sided face.


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