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"I'm starting a campaign to turn the phrase 'Two-faced' into a compliment."

Fangdam is the warrior and second in command of the Fangpyre snake tribe.


Fangdam has two heads like Fangtom's, except for the different colours on the back. His torso is very detailed, featuring scales, and white fangs and is almost the same as the one that Fangtom has, except for the black areas in between the scales are smaller. Fangdam often appears incorrectly with Fangtom's torso in the TV show. His legs are red with small white fangs. He was once accidentally bitten by Fang-Suei who mistook him for a desert slug in the heat of battle which caused him to grow a second head.


Fangdam has been seen driving two vehicles, the 9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball, and the 9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush. He is the Fangpyre warrior, or the second-in-command. In some sets, he holds the Fangpyre staff. He appears in most Fangpyre scenes in the TV Show, but has never spoken. It is unknown if he has his heads finishing each others sentences like Fangtom. His two heads come from a bite from Fang-Suei, while mistaking him for an enemy during battle. Bio This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Fangdam is Fangtom's sidekick and second in command - he is one fast and ferocious Fangpyre. Formerly best friends with Skales.

The Fangpyres have to act fast when they bite things to create a new army. Sometimes they get a bit carried away and things happen too fast. As it did when Fangdam was bitten by Fang-Suei, who mistook him for a desert slug in the heat of battle. Hence, the two heads.


TV Series


  • In various Ninjago episodes, Fangdam has Fangtom's body with red arms.
  • Fangdam is the only Fangpyre snake who hasn't had a speaking line in the show (sometimes).
  • He has two heads, because Fang-Suei bit him.
  • He appears on the card "Spit acid".
  • In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still" during Skales corination, Fandam has grey arms.
  • Some Ninjago books say that he's Fangtom's brother, but it was never explained in the show.