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"Let's just say…we Fangpyre bite off more...than we can chew…"
―Fangtom [source?]

Fangtom is a Ninjago Minifigure released in 2012. He is exclusive to 9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush.


Fangtom's head is completely red with narrowed eyes and two heads. The head is the same mould used for Fangdam. The only difference is the widening of the eyes, and the colour of the back of the head. He has white stripes on the back, and Fangdam has black stripes. He once accidentally bit himself while trying to turn someone into a Serpentine which caused his head to form into two heads.

Fangtom's torso is also completely red with white scales from the top to the bottom of his torso, and also continuing on to half of his tail. His torso is similar to Fangdam's, the difference being Fangtom has larger black markings on either side of the scales. Another note worthy difference is that he has red arms, where as Fangdam has white.

Like all the other Tribe Generals, Fangtom has a tail, but in red. Fangtom is released with one accessory- a Fangpyre staff.


Fangtom was the general of the Fangpyre tribe and was imprisoned in the Fangpyre tomb along with the rest of his tribe. Eventually, he was released by Lloyd Garmadon, but the Fangpyres conspired with another tribe, the Hypnobrai, to overthrow Lloyd. They released the remaining tribes and proceeded to attempt to conquer Ninjago, though they were repeatedly beat. They then attempted to conquer Ninjago in a final push under the leadership of the resurgent Garmadon, though they eventually betrayed him and were defeated by the ninja, being driven underground into a tomb not openable from the inside. By the time of the reign of the Digital Overlord, they had reformed and were freed from their tomb by the ninja in order to obtain more information.


  • Fangdam is shown with Fangtom's torso in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (TV series) (Except in episodes Double Trouble and Snakebit).
  • His two heads always seem to take turns speaking and usually finish each others sentences.
  • In the TV series, Fangtom is referred to as "Fangpyre General" in the credits and is voiced by Mackenzie Grey.
  • He appears to be good friends of all the serpentine generals; However, he seems to turn back on Skales in "Day of the Great Devourer"
  • He is Fangdam's brother.
  • His name is a play on Fang and phantom.


Television Appearances

Videogame Appearances Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Fangtom is the General and brains behind the Fangpyre tribe – which is not saying much. As the (double) head of a strong but fairly small tribe, Fangtom’s best bet is to use the Fangpyres’ greatest strength to create reinforcement: their venom can transform anyone or anything into a snake. Once Fangtom accidentally bit himself, which is why he now has two heads that finish each other’s sentences. You might say he bit off more than he could chew... Fangtom and Skales were and still are great friends. During the Serpentine war, though, Fangtom and Skales rarely saw each other and Skales was but a Warrior and Slithraa led the Hypnobrai tribe to many victories against the Fangpyre. This is a description taken from LEGO Quest & Collect. Please do not modify it.

NAME: Fangtom
Fangtom is the Fangpyre general. This Serpentine once accidentally bit himself, which is how he wound up with two heads. Hid decision-making ability is somewhat hampered by the fact that the two heads are constantly arguing with one another or finishing each other's sentences.


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