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Farm Defense
Farm Defence


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Farm Defense is an Online game available on the official Kingdoms website. The goal of Farm Defense is to defeat the dragon knights and defend the mill by placing various units in the playing area. It is based of a widly popular iOS & PC game, Plant vs Zombies.


The playing area is a field divided into a grid of squares arranged in a rectangle of six squares by four squares. Each square can contain only one defender which can be purchased. Defenders may not be moved once they are positioned on the playing area, so players must choose wisely. Then the Dragon knights attack.If one of the Dragon Knights crosses the entire playing area all the way to the mill, the king comes out to save the player from losing the game. However, this aid can come only once in the course of the game.

During the battle, coins will appear randomly on the playing area. When clicked on, the player receives 10 coins.

Dragon Knights

These are the types of dragon knights that appear in the game:

Sword knights: These are the foot soldiers of the dragon knight army. No special abilities. They sustain eight damage.

Axe knights: These are the second most common dragon knights. Their special ability is that they move faster when you deplete six health. They have ten health total.

Spear knights: These knights are fairly common. Their special ability is the ability to jump over hay stacks, so trying to stop them using haystacks is useless. They have ten health.

New helmet knights: These dragon knights have the second largest health. Their special ability is their incredible strength. They have twenty health, but lose their helmets after eight damage.

Mounted knights: These are the strongest dragon knights. Their special ability is easily destroying haystacks.


The losing screen

Farm Defenders

These are the farm defenders that you can buy;

Farmer: Farmers cost 60 coins. They cannot attack. Instead they produce gold coins which can be used to purchase defenders.

Goat: Goats cost 60 coins. They are the standard defenders, making them fairly inexpensive. However, this also means that they have lower health than other defenders.

Haystack: Haystacks cost 80 coins. These serve as walls against the Dragon knights and slow their progress, thus giving time for the defenders to attack.

Pig: Pigs cost 120 coins. These defenders help slow down enemies. They hurl mud at enemies, thus slowing them down. They have average health.

Chicken: Chickens cost 140 coins. They are secondary attackers. They attack by rapidly throwing eggs which cause medium damage. They have average health.

Blacksmith: Blacksmiths cost 160 coins. They are major attackers. They throw their hammers, which cause maximum damage, at enemies. They are the strongest of the defenders.

Cheat Codes


The winning screen

These are the cheat codes for Farm Defense:

  • Chickens--Zombie chicken mode.
  • Gold--Farmers produce twice as many gold coins.


  • The maximum coin limit is 990, after this limit is reached the game will no longer register any coins you collect until you drop below 990 again.

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