Faun is a minifigure released in January 2016 as part of 71011 Minifigures Series 15.


The Faun has a bare torso with curly hairs on the pectoral muscles and fur printing at the bottom. His arms and hands are also yellow, and he has a new goat leg piece in brown printed with fur and hooves. His head is printed with a smile and a small goatee, and he has a new, exclusive hair piece with curly brown hair, goat-like ears, and grey horns. In his hand he holds a flute. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

"Tra-la-la, tro-lo-lo, tree-lee-lee!”

The fantastical Faun lives in the woods, where he plays his flute, makes up silly riddles, and dances all the day long (he also sings a little, but he isn’t very good at it). Part goat and part Minifigure, he gets along with all of nature and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere but his forest home. Not many strangers come to visit the Faun and hear his music and riddles, so sometimes he wonders whether everybody else in the world is as content and carefree as he is. Do they know how much fun it is to whistle back to the birds, or help the squirrels gather acorns for the winter, or rest their tired hooves in a cool running stream full of frolicking fish on a hot summer’s day? Sure, probably everybody lives like that!



  • His goat leg piece is new.
  • He resembles Philoctetes/Phil from the 1997 Disney film Hercules.