Class 4 article

The Fawn is an animal released in 2013 for the Friends theme.


The fawn is brown and has long legs and a short body. He has a short neck and a slanted head with a black nose at the snout. He has cream-coloured dots on his forehead, and he has black eyes with white pupils. He also has pointy ears, and his tail sticks upward. This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The Fawn
Have you ever watched a sunrise in a forest? I love the mornings when the birds start singing and the sun comes out. I'm happy when someone leaves a snack for my breakfast!



  • However the collectible animals have no specific names stated in their bios, there are some clues about the identity of the Fawn revealed in the quizz available on, where the creature is called Misty[1].