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Female Peasants[1] are Castle minifigures released in 2008 and 2009.


The first Female Peasant appears to be a maid. She sports a generic female double-sided face and long hair (using the same hair piece as the princess, the mermaid and various others), and appears to wear a brown dress with a white piece of clothing under it, having a reddish brown brick as a skirt and a brick yellow torso with white arms and yellow hands. In the Advent Calendar, she comes with a rat and a broom.

The second Female Peasant shares the same face, but is otherwise different from the first. Similar in appearance to the Pirate Lady, she has a dark brown ponytail and a black torso decorated with a dark green bodice, which then extends into a dress represented with a black slope brick.


Two Female Peasants live in the Medieval Market Village, where they shop and eat in the marketplace while staying out of the way of the king's treasure escorted by Crown Knights.


Gallery of Variants

10193 Marktfrau.jpg
10193 Frau mit Dolch.jpg


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