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This article is about the Star Wars character. For the kid from The LEGO Movie, see Finn (The LEGO Movie).

Finn, originally served as number FN-2187, is a Star Wars minifigure that was released in September 2015.


Finn was a Stormtrooper in the First Order. During his first battle, he was traumatized and refused to fight. He decided to escape from the First Order with Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron, who had been kidnapped. They stole a TIE fighter and crash-landed at Jakku.

When Finn was conscious, he saw the TIE fighter drowning in quicksand. Because of this, Finn assumed that Poe died. He removed his Stormtrooper armor and put on Poe's jacket. Finn was thirsty and drank from a pool of water. While Finn was on the planet, Rey caught Finn's eye. However, she attacked and captured Finn, telling him her droid BB-8 said his coat belongs to his former master. Finn told Rey and BB-8 that he helped Poe escape from the First Order, but Poe did not make it. Impressed by this story, Rey asked if he was part of the Resistance and Finn lied, saying he was. They later made it aboard the Millennium Falcon and met Han Solo and Chewbacca who took them to Takodana where he received Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker's old lightsaber from Maz Kanata. Finn later awakens from his coma and joins the Resistance in their efforts against the First Order.

Finn, along with Poe, intercepts a message from a First Order mole that Darth Sidious has come back to life and is planning an attack on the Resistance in the form of the Final Order, a massive fleet of Xyston-class Star Destroyers designed by the Sith Eternal. Finn then leaves along with Rey, Poe, C-3PO, and Chewbacca to the desert planet of Pasaana, where with the help of Lando Calrissian they locate a dagger that contains a clue to a Sith wayfinder, a compass to the Sith planet Exegol. Throughout the whole journey, Finn clearly has something he wants to tell Rey, but is unable to find the time to tell her. Their journey takes them to Kijimi, where the location of the wayfinder is extracted from C-3PO's memory files, and later to the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast, where Finn and Poe go to rescue Chewbacca, who was taken by the First Order. In the process, Finn and Poe are captured by Stormtroopers and set to be executed, but they are rescued by General Hux, who reveals that he is the mole. Going free, Finn and Poe rescue Rey aboard the Millennium Falcon and head to the Endor system, where the wayfinder is located among the wreckage of the second Death Star.

On Kef Bir, they encounter a group allied with the Resistance, led by a woman named Jannah. Finn gets to know Jannah, who reveals that she and the entire settlement on Kef Bir are former Stormtroopers who mutinied after a battle. Finn tells her that he left the First Order as well, and suggests that the Force brought them together and caused them all to leave the First Order. Finn and Jannah follow Rey aboard the wreckage to try and stop her from confronting Ren, but she does so and nearly kills him before healing him and leaving aboard Ren's TIE whisper. Without Rey or the wayfinder, Finn, Poe, and Jannah return to the Resistance base, where they learn that Leia has died. Poe is named Acting General, and Poe appoints Finn as Co-General.

Finn learns of Exegol's whereabouts based on Rey's transmissions, and he and Poe lead a strike against the Sith Eternal forces, with Finn and Jannah specifically leading a ground attack on the surface of the Steadfast to take out their navigation signal. As the attack nears its end, Finn and Jannah are left on the surface of the damaged Resurgent Star Destroyer, but are ultimately rescued by Lando and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon and the rest of the Resistance fleet; Finn attributes his faith in his being rescued to a belief in the Force. Following the successful attack, Finn celebrates among the Rebels on the Resistance base, reuniting with Rey and Poe. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Raised and trained to fight battle after battle in the service of the First Order, Finn is a former stormtrooper who wants nothing more than to escape his past. His desperate flight plunges him into an incredible adventure along a heroic but very dangerous path that will change his fate – and that of the entire galaxy – forever.

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